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Should You Buy a Compact Excavator? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

A Compact excavator is a great option if you’re considering a tractor or skid steer. While all pieces of equipment have their pros and cons, when paired with the right attachment systems, excavators are able to get into tighter spaces and accomplish a wide array of jobs without the need to switch between multiple pieces of equipment.



Are you looking for a more efficient way to maintain your farmland?

Don’t waste precious space storing several pieces of specialized heavy equipment. If you frequently need to maintain a lot of acreage that poses a variety of challenges, like hilly terrain, ponds or lakes, thick overgrowth, or rocky land, an excavator could give you the versatility to cut back on the amount of equipment you need to maintain your land.


Check out the 3 best excavator attachments for farming.


Do you lease equipment often?

If you find yourself leasing a skid steer, tractor, or excavator for personal use, it may be time to look into investing in your own. Some sellers even offer a lease-to-buy-option. If you continue leasing without investing in your own piece of equipment, you could start losing money on rented equipment. A compact excavator is a good option if you’re interested in something more versatile, as you’d be able to equip your excavator with a variety of cutting, mowing, and other specialized attachments and accomplish several jobs with one piece of machinery


Do you find yourself frequently subcontracting work that requires an excavator?

If you’re running a business that relies on your ability to dig trenches, access sewer lines, clear land and clear it fast, you need your own excavator. From installing pools and hot tubs to grubbing stumps and clearing overgrowth, save time and money but being able to do those things without leasing machinery or subcontracting labor


Are you trying to grow your landscaping or construction business?

To get ahead of the game, you need to be booking more clients, finishing more jobs, and doing them faster and better than your competitors. You can do all of that without hauling unnecessary equipment between job sites. Instead, invest in equipment that can multitask, like a compact excavator. Excavators can tackle anything from log splitting and tree shearing to grubbing out large stumps, mulching, and mowing dense overgrowth and brush.

Compact excavators can be an excellent investment for farmers, landscapers, business owners, and landowners on their own, but they can do even more for less when paired with the right attachments.



To boost your impact without spending more time, money, and energy on your jobs and projects, check out these versatile excavator attachments from Rut Manufacturing.

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