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Bottom of a Mulcher for Mini Excavator

Efficiency Meets Precision With the Mulcher for Mini Excavator

In the realm of construction and landscaping, the right equipment is paramount. The right equipment can differentiate between a job well done and a task fraught with complications.  Rut Manufacturing wants to ensure you're up to the task with a tool that can tackle any job, regardless of size. With the Mini Excavator Disc Mulcher, [...]
Tree Cutter for Excavator Sitting on Grass

Landscaping: Get the Job Done With a Tree Cutter for Excavator

In the world of landscaping, having the right tools is critical. Among these tools, the tree cutter for excavator stands out as a versatile and powerful piece of equipment capable of streamlining a variety of landscaping tasks.  When you're looking to transform a landscape, the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you're a [...]
Excavator Tree Shear Cutting Trees

How to Navigate Excavator Tree Shear Attachments

Navigating the world of excavator attachments can often feel like trying to find your way through a dense forest. From understanding their features to knowing how they can optimize your workload, it's a task that requires careful consideration. But don't worry; we're here to guide you through the thick of it all. In this article, [...]
Mini Excavator Mulcher for Sale Mulching Trees

How to Evaluate a Mini Excavator Mulcher for Sale

When it comes to dealing with land clearing and landscaping tasks, nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of a mini excavator mulcher. If you're often faced with the task of clearing land, you know the value of a dependable piece of equipment. However, before you purchase one of these machines, it is essential to evaluate [...]
Tree Cutting Equipment Holding Tree Debris

Why You Need Tree Cutting Equipment

If you're planning to eradicate unwanted trees on your property, you're looking at a lot of hard work ahead. Why not streamline your experience and optimize your time and efficiency with the right equipment? When you want tree cutting done right, you need tree cutting equipment. Tree trimming is often an overlooked job on a [...]
Skid Steer Brush Mower Cutter

The Best Way to Clear Brush and Undergrowth On Your Property

Do you have a tangle of dense overgrowth that you’ve wanted to level on your property? Wrestling with an abundance of trees and shrubs can be an overwhelming prospect, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. If you have the right brush clearing tools and know-how, you can easily maintain your landscape.  If [...]

How to Choose the Right Brush Cutting Equipment for Your Industry

When it comes to using heavy-duty equipment, it’s no secret that not all machinery is equal. Dealing with faulty equipment or attachments that can’t tackle multiple tasks at once are frustrating setbacks that result in unproductivity. If you’re someone who works in construction, landscaping, or the excavation industry, you need equipment that can be relied [...]
best brush cutter

The Best Excavator Brush Cutter

Deciding between machinery to efficiently manage your farmland, job site, or landscape can be a difficult task. Landscape work can be an overwhelming job that can cost you time and money. Brush cutters are undoubtedly the most potent, convenient tools on the market for devouring thick overgrowth. When attached to skid steers or excavators, brush [...]
brush cutters for sale

The Best Brush Cutters for Sale

Everyone has preferences regarding their equipment, but finding the right attachments is no easy task. With so many sizes, designs, and price points to choose from, it takes time to find attachments that fit your needs - especially when it comes to brush-cutting attachments. Brush cutters are designed to do far more than managing tall [...]
heavy duty excavator brush cutter

How to Maintain a Heavy Duty Excavator Brush Cutter

At Rut Manufacturing, we understand that you need equipment that’s ready and willing to work as hard as you. However, at the end of the most challenging job sites, you can’t just leave your equipment full of brush, limbs, or debris. To preserve and protect the integrity of your equipment, it’s essential to perform annual [...]
Tree Slayer Orange

How to Use a Tree Cutting Attachment

Regardless of your industry, there are always obstacles on the job. Troublesome trees, excessive limbs, and tree stumps are just some of the debris you’ll encounter on commercial or residential sites. While these aren’t huge setbacks, this extra foliage can delay your productivity, which is less than ideal if you’re trying to move onto another [...]
Rut Manufacturing's tree slayer excavator attachment

Fast Facts About the Tree Slayer

If you’re a landscape contractor, in the land clearing business, or tree removal industry, it’s essential to have an excavator attachment that can go the distance. More often than not, your workload is filled with removing trees, dense brush, and managing other tough to reach areas. There are too many excavator attachments in today’s market [...]
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