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tips for mowing hilly land

Tips for Mowing and Maintaining Hilly Land

From small lots to large lots, any amount of land will need to be maintained. That beautiful hill that provides a wonderful view overlooking your small pond is nice in early spring, but once the grass starts growing in earnest it’s time to start thinking about how to keep it mowed. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that!



Choose your mowing direction carefully!


Push Mower

Mow along the hillside. Mowing up the hill is dangerous as you can slip and potentially injure yourself as the lawnmower slides back toward you. Going alongside the hill is much safer and will also reduce the distance between your blades and the grass, giving a cleaner cut.


Riding Mower

Mow up the hillside. The direct opposite of the push mower, in this case you want to go up the hill, as it will prevent the mower from tipping onto its side and causing injury to you or damage to your mower.


Bonus: Brush Eliminator

The best method would be to use a Brush Eliminator attachment for your mini excavator. This allows you to safely and effectively trim the hillside, making land maintenance a breeze.


Don’t mow when it’s wet!

The weather can always throw kinks into your plans. You’d already decided Saturday morning was going to be the time you were going to mow, but it just had to go and rain the night before.

Avoid major land maintenance, particularly mowing, when the ground is wet. It increases your chances of you or your mower/excavator slipping, or damage to your equipment and property.. You’re better off giving the grass additional time to dry and grow longer than cutting it while it’s wet.


Take your time.

Turn the speed to the lowest setting and take your time mowing. Doing so will reduce the risk to yourself and your equipment. It will also create a cleaner cut. You wouldn’t gun it when driving your car up a steep hill, trying to push to the top. You’d instead drop it into a lower gear and climb gradually. Treat mowing a steep hill the same.  



Having trouble with your land maintenance? Give us a call today and we can recommend a few mini-excavator tools that will change how you approach mowing.

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