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Are you struggling to cut brush and overgrowth at the right angle with your Skid Steer Brush Cutter? Introducing Rut Manufacturing’s Skid Steer Boom Mower – the solution you have been looking for! This versatile attachment is designed to increase your reach and efficiency on the job, making your work less of a hassle. With just one attachment, you can achieve more in less time, boosting your profits and satisfaction.

Equipped with a 115-degree range of motion, 90 degrees vertical and negative 25 degrees from horizontal, the Rut Manufacturing Skid Steer Side Boom Mower is highly versatile. It features a curved boom for extra clearance, a low speed high torque motor with built-in valving, and a 42” cutting head. Available in standard flow (12-25 GPM).


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    12 - 25 GPM
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    1 - 2 Weeks (Lead Times Are Accurate)
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2 Blade System

Cutting Capacity

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Up to 4in diameter

Lead Time

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1 – 2 Weeks (Lead Times Are Accurate)

This Attachment Includes:

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Hydraulic Hoses

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Quick Couplers

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Customized Motor for best performance with your Skid Steer

Compatible with:

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Skid Steers

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All of our skid steer attachments, whether it’s brush mowers, brush cutter, or skid steer bush hogs can handle whatever you throw their way. If you’d like to learn more from us, instead of searching the internet for answers, or skid steer attachments near me, fill out the form below. Or if you’d prefer, give us a call directly. You won’t be dealing with extreme wait times or bouncing from one customer service rep to another. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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Standard Flow: 12 – 24 GPM, High Flow: 25 – 40 GPM (Case Drain Required)

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More About the Skid Steer Boom Mower 

This attachment is perfect for municipalities, road maintenance workers, and property owners who need a helping hand and an efficiency-maximizing addition to their team. The boom mower can be used to clear land, roadsides, ditches, and banks from all varieties of brush. It’s ideal for hunting trails, private roads, golf courses, fence lines, ponds, and other landscaping sites.

All our attachments, including the Side Boom Mower, are custom-made to the specifications of your machine and made in the USA, ensuring durable, high-quality products that you can trust. Our goal is to make your job easier, allowing you to focus on the workload rather than worrying about whether your machine can complete the job.

With a 42” cutting head and a high torque motor, the Rut Mfg Skid Steer Boom Mower is a beast that can handle long days of work on challenging projects. This machine is built to last and helps you complete projects with speed, innovation, and diligence.

The Skid Steer Boom Mower is a game-changer, allowing you to cut more precisely and tackle more challenging sites. Its versatility enables you to adapt to all sorts of jobs, including gardening, maintaining golf courses, agriculture, clearing brush, maintaining private roads, and maintaining public areas. With a 115-degree range of motion, this machine can do it all, from clearing ditches and banks to ponds and fence lines.

The Rut Manufacturing Skid Steer Boom Mower gives you more bang for your buck, increasing your efficiency, versatility, and profits all at once. Browse our blog or talk to one of our customer service representatives to learn more about this powerful attachment and how it can benefit you. Don’t let a lack of reach hold you back – invest in the boom mower and take your work to the next level.


Learn More about Skid Steer Brush Cutters and Mini Excavator Brush Cutters

If you’d like to expand your knowledge on brush cutters for skid steers, forestry mulchers, mini disc mulchers, and mini excavators, we can help. We’ve created a list of valuable skid steer attachment resources that will help you learn more about the Gladiator and our other skid steer attachment for skid steers. This way, you’ll be able to care for and operate your equipment for years to come. Our favorite forestry brush cutter resources are below:

Once you become more familiar with your equipment, it will become easier to operate and maintain.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Rut Manufacturing, our goal is to create products that operate on a variety of projects, job sites, and industries. Not all jobs are the same, but with every project you tackle, we can guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about the quality, durability, and reliability of your machine. All of our brush cutter attachments are manufactured in the USA, right here in Denton, North Carolina, so you can always count on working with handcrafted, high-quality equipment.

If you’re searching for a mulching machine for sale, look no further. Rut Manufacturing has everything you need, from skid steer brush cutters for sale, skid steer forestry mulchers, and quick attach disc mulchers. All of our skid steer attachments, whether it’s brush mowers, mulchers, or other heavy-duty equipment can handle anything you throw their way.

If you’d like to learn more, and instead of searching the internet for answers or skid steer attachments near me, contact us. You won’t be dealing with extreme wait times or bouncing from one customer service rep to another. Give us a call, or send us an email. We’re always happy to answer your questions.


Common Questions about the Skid Steer Boom Mower

Boom mowing is the process of using a boom mower to cut grass, brush, or small trees in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional mowing equipment.
A boom mower is a specialized type of landscaping equipment designed for reaching areas that are difficult to access with conventional mowing machines. It consists of a hydraulic arm (the "boom") that can extend out from the main body of the machine, with a mowing attachment at the end. This design allows the operator to cut grass, brush, or small trees in places such as steep slopes, ditches, around ponds, and along roadways or fences.
Rut Manufacturing proudly offers quality heavy-duty boom mowers. Their Skid Steer Boom Mower is known for its versatility and adaptability. With a 115-degree range of motion, it can reach difficult areas with ease. The mower comes with a curved boom for added clearance and a high-torque motor. It's capable of cutting up to a 4-inch diameter, making it an effective tool for clearing various types of brush and landscapes. This attachment is compatible with Skid Steers, CTLs, and MTLs, and it's particularly useful for road maintenance, land clearing, and landscaping tasks.
The cost of a skid steer boom mower can vary significantly based on the specific model and features. Rut Manufacturing offers side boom mowers at a competitive price to ensure you make the most of your investment. With a boom mower by your side, you'll double your productivity and lessen your workload.
Rut Manufacturing is a renowned provider of skid steer boom mowers. They offer an array of products that are custom-made to the specifications of your machine.
The weight of a skid steer boom mower can fluctuate depending on its type and brand. Generally, they weigh anywhere from 1,500 to 12,000lbs. On average, a full-size skid steer tips the scales at about 7,500lbs.
A skid steer boom mower can be used on various types of terrains. Thanks to its design and versatility, it can clear land, roadsides, ditches, and banks from all kinds of brush. This makes it ideal for use in diverse locations such as hunting trails, private roads, golf courses, fence lines, and ponds.
Mounting a side boom mower on a truck involves preparing the equipment, identifying the truck's attachment point, attaching the mower to the truck, connecting the hydraulic systems, and conducting final checks. The process may vary based on the specific models of the mower and truck. The manufacturer's instructions should be followed, or a professional should be hired to ensure safety.
A boom tractor is a type of agricultural or landscaping equipment with an extended arm known as a boom. This boom can be outfitted with various attachments, such as mowers, sprayers, or loaders, enabling the tractor to perform tasks in hard-to-reach areas.



I had ordered a BRUSH CUTTER FOR SKID STEER, CTL, AND MTL 60″ RUT MFG TERMINATOR 15-27 GPM at the end of last year and finally was able to use it for the first time here on our farm. I have 60 acres with about 50 of those being heavily wooded with multiflora rose, up to 5″ or 5″ grapevines, and thick growth of who knows what. Today is my fourth day of using this Brush Cutter for RUT MFG and I couldn’t be happier with this piece of machinery. When I ordered, I had Tony install stump grinding teeth (I think there are 22 of them) and that really helps when I cut a tree and then use the teeth to grind down near ground level. I highly recommend using RUT MFG. Feel free to reach out to me if you care to check up on my thoughts in a month or two.

• Dave Nedly

I bought the Rut manufacturing brush eliminator for my Kubota kx040 excavator. Wow, this is the way to clear blackberries and brush up to 4-inch diameter in a hurry. Way to go Rut manufacturing I will definitely recommend their products and services.

• Tom Vanderzanden

I have been using Rut products since 2017 and I am more than happy with the quality of service and the products. Every time I call Ira he immediately hooks me up with what I need. I 100% stand behind my testimony of these guys!

• Houston Barnes

I bought the skid steer terminator brush hog love it. The craftsmanship is top-notch and the brush hog works excellent. Would recommend Rut Mfg to anyone, great quality and great people.

• Jacinda Wassam

Excavator mounted log splitter is spot on. Split and load wood and never leave the seat of your machine. Wish I had this many years ago. Rut fitted the unit to my machine easily, I installed the unit and went to work!!

• Tommy Breedlove