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Skid Steer Brush Mower FAQs

Rut Manufacturing’s Skid Steer Brush Mower Cutter is designed to clear fields, brush, and rough terrain. Unlike other skid steer mower attachments, it is compatible with various skid steer brands. So whatever your needs are on the job, our hydraulic brush cutter can go the distance. 

At Rut, we’re here to ensure your questions are answered. Read our FAQs below to learn more about this powerful skid steer mower attachment!

A brush hog and brush cutter are essentially the same tools. “Brush hog” is a brand name that’s used for a brush cutter (otherwise known as a rotary cutter). Either way, your skid steer brush cutter for sale should perform the same brush clearing function.

Generally, a skid steer brush mower attachment can cut a tree that’s 4-6 inches in diameter. Our Skid Steer Brush Mower Cutter can easily slice through up to 4 inches of material.

Yes! Rut’s skid steer mower is designed to cut grass, brush, and other tough material with its two-blade system.

The best brush mower for skid steer should be versatile, powerful, and decrease your workload. Rut’s Skid Steer Brush Mower will quickly eliminate growth in dense clearings, thick landscapes, small limbs, and other overgrown areas.

The amount of maintenance required for a skid steer brush mower for sale depends on how heavily used the piece of equipment is. If the brush cutter is heavily used, you should clean the parts at least once awake to maintain optimal performance.

In general, you should sharpen skid steer brush mower blades every five years. However, if you hit rocks or heavily use your brush cutter, you may want to sharpen them more often. 

To check your mower attachment’s sharpness, take a look at your grass 2 days after you mowed. If the grass has turned white or brown with a shredded texture, it’s time to sharpen your blades.

Although you can use a skid steer brush mower attachment on wet grass, it can quickly dull the blades. It’s typically recommended to cut on dry ground when possible.

Depending on the terrain, you can usually clear 1-4 acres during a full work day.

For your safety, never operate a skid steer brush mower for sale without a closed shatterproof cab door. Rocks and other flying debris may be dangerous to the operator.

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