Skid Steer Forestry Brush Cutter Gladiator
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Skid Steer Forestry Brush Cutter Gladiator

Begins at: $9,206

The Gladiator is a skid steer attachment that can do it all. This forestry mulcher is designed to manage unruly land, on-site prep, and disaster cleanup. The Gladiator Forestry Brush Cutter is an industrial-grade cutter designed to cut, mulch, and destroy just about any brush or trees it comes into contact with. This forestry brush cutter has a 1” thick blade carrier with carbide-tipped mulching teeth. The carbide-tipped mulching teeth aid the breakup of forestry vegetation and in grinding stumps down, and are durable enough to handle dense debris and overgrowth.


Its design, durable nature, and high efficiency simplifies the way you’ll approach your daily workload. In addition to our carbide-tipped mulching teeth, we use vine cutters above the blade carrier, which protect the driveshaft from getting vines or even wire from wrapping around the shaft. This industrial-grade brush cutter is designed to help your skid steer manage job sites and personal property with ease, so you can move from one project to the next.





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Forestry Brush Cutter Gladiator

If you need a piece of equipment that’s as durable, diligent, and hardworking as you are, then the Gladiator is the machine for you. This skid steer brush cutter and forestry mulcher is equipped to handle anything, from dense brush to unruly terrain, and can cut any limbs, trees, and brush it crosses. With its 1” thick blade carrier with carbide-tipped mulching teeth, it’s capable of processing dense brush and vegetation in seconds, eliminating the extra time you normally spend on the job. The durable carbide-tipped mulching teeth are what give the Gladiator the ability to process so much vegetation and grind stumps down with ease. The additional vine cutters above the blade carrier are there to protect the driveshaft, so you don’t experience setbacks while you work. Additionally, we utilize a pressure gauge visible to the operator so they can monitor the load the forestry brush cutter is under. This helps the operator run the cutter at its peak performance, and avoid unnecessary damage on the job.


The overall construction of this forestry brush cutter is extraordinary. The deck is made up of 3/8” and 1/2” plate and is fully manufactured in our facility to ensure the highest quality equipment. The Gladiator’s push bar is designed to keep trees and brush in front of the cutter, so they can be devoured with ease. Along the front of the forestry mulcher, we use skid shoes that are fully replaceable. In terms of a brush cutter and forestry mulcher, this piece of equipment does everything you need to stay on top of your workload. As far as skid steer attachments go, this brush cutter is designed to go the distance.

Forestry Brush Cutter Features


The Gladiator forestry skid steer brush cutter has many unique features that give it an edge on your job site. Our innovative design, plating, and deck support are designed to get the job done in no time. These unique features include:


  • Bent Axis Hydro Leduc Piston Motor
    • Available in high or low flow
  • Eskridge 132 bearing housing (Standard Flow)
  • Eskridge 252 bearing housing (High Flow)
  • 3/8″ Deck Thickness
  • 1/2″ Reinforcement plates on the sides of the deck
  • 1” Thick Blade Holder
  • 60” = 3 Blades
  • 72” = 4 Blades
  • Carbide Tipped Mulching Teeth
  • Replaceable skid shoes
  • Large pressure gauge


In addition to these incredible features, the Gladiator forestry brush cutter comes with a 1-year warranty, so you and your skid steer attachment are protected from accidental damage or mishaps on the job. When using the forestry brush cutter, it requires a case drain during operation. 


These innovative features, revolutionary design, and the brush cutter attachment’s incredible durability make this a must-have for your equipment arsenal.

Where and When to Use the Forestry Brush Cutter


If you’re ready to add the Gladiator to your equipment collection but aren’t sure what projects or job sites are ideal for this forestry brush cutter, we have the answers you’re looking for. We know exactly what this piece of equipment is capable of handling, from dense brush to heavy tree stumps. This skid steer forestry brush cutter can clear trees and brush for:


  • Disaster Cleanup 
  • Hunting land management
  • Right-Of-Way maintenance
  • On-Site Prep
  • Farm Maintenance
  • Cut Firebreaks
  • Lot Clearing
  • Property Maintenance
  • Combustible Fuel Reduction


All of these job sites are ideal for the Gladiator and fully test its strength and durability. As a company, Rut Manufacturing is known for building safe and reliable commercial-grade brush cutters for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators. Rut MFG never compromises on the design and manufacturing process of its products. We use nothing but the highest grade materials, and test every piece of equipment to guarantee its safety and longevity. We’ve designed the Gladiator Forestry Brush Cutter with the utmost care, so it shows up ready to work when you are. Every unit is tested at our facility to guarantee proper working order.

Learn More about Skid Steer Brush Cutters and Mini Excavator Brush Cutters


If you’d like to expand your knowledge on skid steer brush cutters, forestry mulchers, mini disc mulchers, and mini excavators, we can help. We’ve created a list of valuable skid steer attachment resources that will help you learn more about the Gladiator and our other skid steer brush cutters. This way, you’ll be able to care for and operate your equipment for years to come. Our favorite forestry brush cutter resources are below:



Once you become more familiar with your equipment, it will become easier to operate and maintain.


When it comes to your skid steer, it’s important to make sure your piece of equipment works as hard as you do. But, there’s a lot of thought and decision making that goes into owning a piece of equipment like a skid steer, so before and after your purchase, you might have some questions regarding the condition and care of your machine. That’s why we wanted to address your frequently skid steer questions, all in one place, so you’ll never have to go searching for information about your skid steer again.

Can I use different attachment brands on my skid steer?

You can use different attachment brands on your skid steer, it’s just important to make sure you have a universal coupler, or quick attach, installed on your skid steer. However, depending on the hydraulics and carrying capacity of your skid steer, the attachment might not be compatible with your skid steer, so it’s important to check  the manual first.

How can I use my skid steer?

There are many ways you can use your skid steer. The most common uses include: clearing, pushing, front-loading, transporting, and navigating.

How much should I expect to pay for my skid steer?

The price of a skid steer will always vary, but it primarily depends on the size. You could spend anywhere between $10,000 to $60,000, it is all about what you’re comfortable with and what you need from your machine.

What’s the difference between a new and used skid steer?

Mainly, the difference stems from its technology, and operating life. Getting a used skid steer won’t affect its ability to work, it just might not be as up to date with new tech features, therefore have more limitations on job sites. However, if you don’t use a skid steer very often, it could be a more practical choice for you.

How fast will my skid steer go?

A skid steer can operate anywhere from seven to ten miles per hour.

How long do skid steers last after purchase?

A typical skid steer can last anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 hours, or sometimes closer to 7,000 hours. However, it’s longevity depends on how many hours a day you use it. Regularly caring for your machine, and not overusing it on a weekly basis, will help maintain its operating life.

How long should I operate my skid steer?

A typical day of use would be considered five or six hours, in order to get the most out of your equipment.

When do I know if my skid steer needs new tires?

Most tires should be replaced out of 500 hours of use, but if you frequently go out on uneven terrain, and suspect uneven tread on your tires, it might be in your best interest to replace them sooner.

How do I care for my skid steer?

Annual and proper skid steer care is essential for keeping your device up and running like new. It’s best to check your skid steer frequently for tears in the tires, fluid levels, and see how the oil is doing.

Customer Reviews


I had ordered a BRUSH CUTTER FOR SKID STEER, CTL, AND MTL 60″ RUT MFG TERMINATOR 15-27 GPM at the end of last year and finally was able to use it for the first time here on our farm. I have 60 acres with about 50 of those being heavily wooded with multiflora rose, up to 5″ or 5″ grapevines, and thick growth of who knows what. Today is my fourth day or using this Brush Cutter for RUT MFG and I couldn’t be happier with this piece of machinery. When I ordered, I had Tony install stump grinding teeth (I think there are 22 of them) and that really helps when I cut a tree and then use the teeth to grind down near ground level. I highly recommend using RUT MFG. Feel free to reach out to me if you care to check up on my thoughts in a month or two.


  • Dave Nedly


I bought the Rut manufacturing brush eliminator for my Kubota kx040 excavator. Wow, this is the way to clear blackberries and brush up to 4-inch diameter in a hurry. Way to go Rut manufacturing I will definitely recommend their products and services.



I have been using Rut products since 2017 and I am more than happy with the quality of service and the products. Every time I call Ira he immediately hooks me up with what I need. I 100% stand behind my testimony of these guys!



I bought the skid steer terminator brush hog love it. The craftsmanship is top-notch and the brush hog works excellent. Would recommend rut mfg to anyone great quality and great people. 


  • Jacinda Wassam


Excavator mounted log splitter is spot on. Split and load wood and never leave the seat of your machine. Wish I had this many years ago. Rut fitted unit to my machine easily, I installed the unit and went to work!!


  • Tommy Breedlove

All of our skid steer attachments, whether it’s brush mowers, brush cutter, or skid steer bush hogs can handle whatever you throw their way. If you’d like to learn more from us, instead of searching the internet for answers, or skid steer attachments near me, fill out the form below. Or if you’d prefer, give us a call directly. You won’t be dealing with extreme wait times or bouncing from one customer service rep to another. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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