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Skid Steer Brush Cutter Terminator XP

How to Use a Skid Steer Brush Cutter

Our skid steer brush cutter is capable of packing a punch on any job. With its hydraulic motor, supreme cutting width, and durability, it’s one of the best attachments you can have.

However, when it comes to using, operating, and maintaining your skid steer mower and brush cutter, there are a few important steps you don’t want to overlook. If you want to know how to effectively use your machine and maintain it for years to come, we have everything you need to operate your skid steer brush cutter, to the best of its ability.



Prep Before Using your Brush Mower

Before operating your brush mower, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your attachment will run properly from start to finish.

  • Check the area you’re about to mow and clear any hazardous or unusual materials that could harm your attachment – that’s an unnecessary risk that could harm your blades
  • Check the blades, blade holders, and skid shoes, prior to operating, for any dents or damage
  • Know and understand the flow rate of your attachment before you get to work, which is typically listed in gallons per minute – high flow mowers can’t operate on a standard flow device. You could create accidental damage to your machine, and attachment if you’re using the wrong device.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking your hydraulic flow, so your blades are able to run at maximum speed and efficiency. The standard flow rate is what allows the brush to pass through your cutter, and keep it free from defects, damage, and scrape ups.
  • See if your attachment is compatible with your skid steer – for more help we’ve composed a list the Top Skid Steer Brands

Once all these steps have been made, you’re ready to start operating your skid steer brush cutter attachment.



How to Use a Skid Steer Brush Cutter Attachment

Thanks to the open front design, our skid steer brush cutter will be able to cut through the dense brush with ease, and never stop on the job. Once you’ve read your owner’s manual, and understand how to work the device, it’s time to get started operating your skid steer loader.

  • Make sure you have full clearance around you before you start up your skid steer
  • Focus on areas that are easy to access at first, so you have some practice under your belt prior to working those hard to reach places
  • Begin clearing the target area of your choice
  • Make sure your blades stay below the cab door at all times when you’re using your skid steer
  • Keep moving your machine in clear, direct pathways, so excessive debris stays away from others on site
  • Be familiar with the area around you. This way, you can operate something as small as a mini skid steer, to a full-sized heavy-duty piece of machinery without a problem



Skid Steer Brush Cutter Care Tips

In order to keep your attachments good as new, follow these steps every few months to keep your high-quality machine running smoothly.

  • Change your skid shoes and blades when they become worn
  • Grease your machine regularly, so the blade can continue to run efficiently
  • Change the motor oil as needed

Keep up with your skid steer by following basic Skid Steer Maintenance tips.

To take a deeper look at our durable, heavy-duty attachment, read our free Skid Steer Brush Cutter Spec Sheet for everything you need to know about this efficient piece of equipment.

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