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The Best Brush Cutters for Sale

Everyone has preferences regarding their equipment, but finding the right attachments is no easy task. With so many sizes, designs, and price points to choose from, it takes time to find attachments that fit your needs – especially when it comes to brush-cutting attachments.

Brush cutters are designed to do far more than managing tall native grasses – they can cut through dense brush, overgrown areas, small limbs, and even trees. As one of the most diverse attachments on the market, skid steer brush cutters and excavator brush cutters are perfect for delivering high-quality results. They’re ideal for commercial projects, residential properties, and even farmland so that you can complete your daily workload in half the time. However, before you can get to work, you have to buy a brush cutter for sale that suits your needs and your price-point, and that’s where we can assist.

At Rut Manufacturing, we optimize all our brush cutters to be highly efficient, effective, and affordable for every size industry. If you’re looking for brush cutters for sale but aren’t sure what piece of equipment suits your needs, we’ve rounded up our best brush cutters to help you find the perfect machine for your workload.

Best Brush Cutters for Sale

Before you can purchase a brush cutter for sale, you must consider your industry, daily workload, and what features matter most. Besides these qualities, you also have to invest in a brush cutter that’s compatible with your current machinery – either a skid steer brush cutter or an excavator brush cutter.

Today, we’re comparing both types of brush-cutting attachments so that you can invest in the best brush cutter for your equipment.



Best Skid Steer Brush Cutters for Sale

Skid steers are known for their ability to move dirt and clear land, but that’s not all they’re capable of doing. When it comes to our skid steer attachments, we design every product to do more than expected. Whether that means tree removal, brush elimination, or other clearing jobs, our attachments are capable of doing it all.


Skid Steer Brush Cutter/Mower Attachment 

When it comes to skid steer brush cutters, nothing’s as dynamic as the brush cutter and mower. As one of the first skid steer attachments we designed, it’s by far one of our favorites, thanks to its open front design and high-efficiency ratings. The brush mower can cut through upwards of 4 inch thick materials, so dense vegetation and brush is no match for our machine.

The skid steer brush cutter and mower comes in several motor configurations and grade 50 steel, so you’ll never question its integrity on the job. It is available in 60” or 72” sizes, and it also comes in at a mid-range price point, so you can select the size that fits your budget. If you’re managing personal property or some residential job sites, this brush cutter for sale might be your perfect companion.


Skid Steer Brush Cutter Terminator

At Rut, we understand that certain brush cutters for sale are prepared to do the work, but not all of them can go the distance day in and day out. That’s why we created the Terminator – a skid steer brush cutter that can do it all. Named after Arnold’s famous role, this machine has a 3-blade cutting system that slices through thick limbs and debris in seconds, leaving nothing behind. With a hydraulic flow of 15-25 GPM, and AR400 steel blades, you’ll enjoy all the speed, efficiency, and durability the Terminator has to offer.

The Terminator matches the efficiency of the mower but comes in an additional 78” size so that you can handle even more work than before. The Terminator is the most diverse skid steer brush cutting attachment for sale and comes in at a mid-range price-point.


Skid Steer Brush Cutter Terminator XP 

Like the original Terminator, the Terminator XP is a powerful brush cutter for sale capable of putting a severe dent in your workload. Our Terminator XP is also available in 60”, 72”, and 78” inches; however, the significant difference in our Terminator XP is the upgrades to the deck thickness, deck size, gear motor, and carbide-tipped mulching teeth. This incredible combination means you can cut through even more complex brush with ease and never think twice about the integrity of your Terminator XP.

Our Terminator XP is a more complex brush cutter designed for the more demanding job sites and professions. Its additional features and work capacity come in at a slightly higher price than our standard Terminator. If you require a brush cutter for sale that’s ideal for commercial properties of any magnitude, the Terminator XP is your perfect match.


Skid Steer Gladiator Brush Cutter 

Rounding out our skid steer brush cutters is the Gladiator, our industrial-grade brush cutter that devours everything in its path. Like the Terminator XP, the Gladiator is equipped with carbide-tipped mulching teeth and also includes vine cutters above the driveshaft to help keep it protected. The Gladiator also has a revolutionary design that makes it incredibly easy to use and diverse for any type of job site. Its incredible features include a Bent Axis Hydro Leduc Piston Motor and either an Eskridge 132 bearing housing (Standard Flow) or an Eskridge 252 bearing housing (High Flow). Available in four different hydraulic flow ratings and two different sizes, the Gladiator is a force to be contended with on any type of job.

If you need a powerful skid steer brush cutter that’s capable of managing vegetation and stumps, the Gladiator is your next investment. Unlike our other brush cutters for sale, it’s optimized for disaster clean-up as well as other tasks so that you can get even more done with the Gladiator by your side.



Best Excavator Brush Cutters for Sale

When it comes to heavy-duty equipment, nothing’s as tough as an excavator. Excavators are ideal for various job sites because they can maneuver their way around complex terrain, tight areas, and other complex places. Their incredible hydraulics and adaptability make them a must-have for so many industries that an excavator brush cutter is an excellent addition to your equipment arsenal. If you’re ready to invest in an excavator brush cutter, our selection of brush cutters for sale is bound to meet and exceed your expectations.


Brush Eliminator Cutter

If you’re working with personal property, acres of farmland, or right of ways, the Brush Eliminator is ideal for these various job sites. As our most universal excavator brush cutter, the Brush Eliminator is optimized for intense overgrowth, wild vegetation, and the most challenging conditions. Its powerful hydraulic flow system and direct drive system make it ideal for any and every job.

Our Brush Eliminator is ideal for multiple job sites of every shape and size and is suitable for anyone with a mid-ranged budget for their equipment.


The Excavator Brush Mower

For farmers, landscapers, and personal property managers who need something for work and your weekend side hustle, the Brush Mower is one of our best brush cutters for sale. This brush-cutting attachment is ideal for landscapes, hillsides, ponds, ditches, and other complex areas. The powerful AR400 blades, 3/16″ thick deck, and direct drive system maximize the protection and efficiency of your brush mower.

Our Excavator Brush Mower is ideal for so many types of terrain, and it’s one of our most diverse brush cutters for sale. If you’re new to the world of brush cutting and want an affordable and powerful attachment that can go the distance, this is the brush cutter for you.


Tree Slayer Excavator Cutter

Last but not least, for our excavator brush cutter attachments is the Tree Slayer. Unlike our other excavator attachments, the Tree Slayer doesn’t just tackle brush and vegetation. Its primary job is to cut and devour tree limbs, grind out small stumps and roots, and manage dense overgrowth. Navigating complex areas and narrow terrain has never been easier, thanks to the powerful mulching teeth on this attachment.

While this isn’t like most brush cutters for sale, the Tree Slayer can tackle multiple types of work, increasing your efficiency and productivity on the job. Depending on your needs, you can pick a small, mid-ranged, or our largest Tree Slayer to fit your needs professionally and financially. We pride ourselves on making powerful and affordable brush-cutting attachments that can match your work ethic.



How to Select the Right Brush Cutter for Sale

With so many brush-cutting attachments for sale, it can be challenging to find the right match for your needs. Instead of wondering which attachment is best for you, consider the following questions before making a purchase.

  • Does this match the weight and hydraulics of my machine?
  • Does this attachment meet my industry’s requirements?
  • Does this brush cutter fit my price point?
  • Can I make the time to maintain this attachment?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re on the right track. However, our team understands the difficulty of selecting a brush-cutting attachment for sale and is here to help throughout the decision-making process. Deciding on the best brush cutter for sale isn’t an easy task, so if we can help you narrow down your choices, our team is ready to get to work. All of our attachments are optimized to manage any type of workload – making the right choice is just a matter of personal preference.

To view all of our incredible skid steer and excavator attachments, visit our complete inventory of attachments to view our pallet forks, disc mulchers, and replacement parts.

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