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Rut Manufacturing's tree slayer excavator attachment

Fast Facts About the Tree Slayer

If you’re a landscape contractor, in the land clearing business, or tree removal industry, it’s essential to have an excavator attachment that can go the distance. More often than not, your workload is filled with removing trees, dense brush, and managing other tough to reach areas.

There are too many excavator attachments in today’s market that struggle to handle rugged terrain and overgrown areas, which means you’re spending less time on the job and more time switching between your attachments. If your workload involves removing dense trees and managing land, you need an excavator attachment that gets the job done right the first time. At Rut Manufacturing, we want to help your stay on track, which is why we have the perfect attachment for you – the Tree Slayer Excavator Cutter.

The Tree Slayer is one of our top-rated excavator attachments and was specially built for intense tree removal so that you can manage commercial or personal property with ease. We design our Tree Slayer to cut down trees, trim brush, and grind down stumps. 

If you’re in the market for a tree cutting attachment that can go the distance and want to know more about this excellent excavator attachment, read our fast facts about the Tree Slayer.

Get to Know the Tree Slayer

Not all excavator attachments were designed to do it all, but we build our Tree Slayers to cut more than trees at Rut Manufacturing. This excavating attachment is equipped to handle challenging terrain, thick trees, and troublesome limbs that block your path. Nothing is too big or challenging for the Tree Slayer.

If you’d like to add the Tree Slayer to your equipment arsenal but want to know more about its capabilities, we’re here to give you all the facts on this great tree cutting attachment.


The Tree Slayer Won’t Just Cut Trees

Most tree cutting and brush cutting attachments are designed to complete one singular task – remove dense vegetation, or remove thick trees. If you work in the tree clearing or landscaping industry, you don’t have the time to swap in between attachments. You need something that can do it all.

Instead of alternating between multiple excavating attachments, which derails your workday, we’ve designed our Tree Slayer to do more than just remove dense trees. The Tree Slayer is capable of cutting down trees, trimming overgrown areas, removing dense stumps and roots, in addition to its ability to gather all your debris in one area. Now, you’ll have an attachment that works as hard as you do and won’t ever back down from the challenging demands of your job site.

At Rut, we understand that your time matters, and you expect a lot out of your equipment. Instead of spending extra time changing your excavator attachment, now you can get manage an entire job, all with one incredible piece of machinery.


The Tree Slayer is Customisable

Not all excavator cutters are optimized to do multiple jobs, but thanks to the Tree Slayer’s incredible features and add on’s, you’ll be able to get your work done in half the time.

Our Tree Slayer is ideal for optimizing your workload all on its own, but we also have a few customizable features that take this excavator attachment to the next level. These incredible features are:

  • Mulching teeth
    • Your Tree Slayer is designed to cut trees with efficiency, but when you add carbide tip grinding teeth to the bottom of the Tree Slayer’s blade holder, you’ll enjoy more power and efficiency out of the cutter. Carbide teeth are durable, low maintenance, and are capable of cutting even the toughest materials. No tree is too tall or dense for these incredible teeth. Plus, carbide mulching teeth also have a much finer cut and are less of a hassle than standard mower blades.


  • Selector valve
    • If you want to get more out of the Tree Slayer, then you’ll want to add a selector valve. The selector valve goes up to 40 GPM, and lets you get more out of your cutter, even if your excavator isn’t equipped with dual auxiliary hydraulics. The selector valve attachment comes with the wiring harness and a switch that enables you to switch between cutter mode and thumb mode effortlessly, giving you more control over your Tree Slayer.


With or without these additions, the Tree Slayer is capable of getting the job done in no time so that you can move on to other tasks throughout the day.


The Tree Slayer has Incredible Upgrades 

At Rut, we realize no two workloads or professions are the same, which is why we offer a few valuable upgrades to our Tree Slayer. Our upgrades expand your tree removal capabilities, so you can optimize your workload however you want. Our upgrades include:

  • Flow Upgrades
    • Now, you can choose a flow rate that fits your workload. At Rut, we offer two flow upgrades, depending on the operating capacity of your excavator.
      • 23-30 GPM ($300.00)
      • 30-35 GPM ($1,150.00)


  • Selector Valve
    • Goes up to 40 GPM ($1,000.00)


  • Direct Drive
    • 10-33 GPM ($300.00)
    • 34-50 GPM ($1,150.00)


  • Mulching Teeth
    • If you choose to add our carbide mulching teeth to your Tree Slayer, you can pick from these three sizes.
      • 36 inches
      • 42 inches
      • 48 inches



Designed to Save You Time

If you’re working on multiple projects, you don’t have time to switch in between your excavator attachments. At Rut, we understand that it’s essential to have one attachment that does it all, ranging from tree removal to clean up.

At Rut, we designed our Tree Slayer to help our customers achieve their performance goals without breaking a sweat. Our Tree Slayer can work in narrow, tough to reach areas that other pieces of machinery cannot, so you don’t have to waste time switching between your skid steer and excavator. No matter the terrain, environment, or work, you can do everything you need with the Tree Slayer.

At Rut Manufacturing, we produce a wide range of Excavator Attachments, so you can get the job done right in no time. For more information about our incredible attachments, read our free guide, Everything about Excavator Attachments.

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