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How to Choose the Right Brush Cutting Equipment for Your Industry

When it comes to using heavy-duty equipment, it’s no secret that not all machinery is equal. Dealing with faulty equipment or attachments that can’t tackle multiple tasks at once are frustrating setbacks that result in unproductivity.

If you’re someone who works in construction, landscaping, or the excavation industry, you need equipment that can be relied upon – and nothing helps maximize your workload like a brush cutter.

Brush cutters are great for tackling native grasses, small shrubs, bushes, and other unruly vegetation. Combating overgrown brush can be a challenge; however, it’s much easier to manage when you have the right hydraulic brush cutters for excavators by your side.

However, before you can get to work eliminating dense grasses and vegetation, you first must choose the best brush cutting equipment for your needs. Rut Manufacturing understands how important it is to find the right brush cutter to optimize your workload and daily productivity. That’s why we’re rounding up the best brush cutting equipment for sale so that you can find the attachments for your industry and workload.

How to Select the Right Brush Cutting Equipment for Sale

Selecting hydraulic brush cutters for excavators might seem like a straightforward decision, but it’s essential to research a few different models before making a purchase decision. There’s so much brush-cutting equipment for sale in today’s market that it takes some time to decide which brand, make, and model is suitable for your industry.

When choosing the right brush cutting equipment for sale, you must first assess your machine and select a compatible attachment. That’s where we’ll discuss the difference between a skid steer brush cutter and an excavator brush cutter.

Skid Steer Brush Cutter vs. Excavator Brush Cutter

If you own a skid steer or excavator, you’ll have to invest in a brush cutter that’s compatible with your machine. While there are several differences between skid steers and excavators, both types of brush cutting attachments are designed to achieve the same goal – eliminate brush and vegetation. Ultimately, the differing experiences come down to the dimensions, blade count, and the operation of your machine with the attachment.

When it comes to the differences between skid steers and excavators, skid steers are known for their ability to maneuver in tighter spaces, thanks to their 360-degree turn radius. Plus, skid steers have an incredible hydraulic system, determining their attachments’ power and operating speeds. Skid steers are incredibly versatile, so paired with a skid steer brush cutter, you’ll be able to reach tight areas of brush, maneuver around a job site, and have the right amount of power for your needs.

Compared to skid steers, excavators are more heavy-duty in their power, so more intense and challenging job sites are no match for an excavator. Dealing with rugged terrain, broad areas of land, and other challenges make an excavator brush cutter ideal for your workload.

While both machines are incredibly durable, long-lasting, and equipped to get the job done, they both have different strengths that are ideal for various tasks. Ultimately, a skid steer brush cutter and excavator brush cutter will achieve the same productivity – they’re just better suited for different terrain and tasks.

Depending on what machinery you already own or what industry you work in, you’ll have to decide which brush cutting attachment for sale is best suited for your needs. You might have particular terrain or job requirements better suited for a skid steer brush cutter than an excavator brush cutter. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at which of our attachments for sale is best suited for your line of work, so you feel confident before making a purchase.

Forestry and Land Management

Tackling dense forests, trees, vegetation, and unruly growth can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re in land management. More than likely, you’re maneuvering around compact areas where you need to be highly efficient in brush removal.

If you work in forestry or land management, a skid steer brush cutter is the choice for you. Skid steer brush cutters can access those hard-to-reach places and eliminate dense growth with ease. In these instances, the best brush cutting equipment for sale is none other than our hydraulic brush cutters for excavators like the Gladiator or our Terminator XP.

The Gladiator is an industrial-grade cutter that can cut, grind, and mulch down anything in its path. With its 1” thick blade carrier and carbide mulching teeth, even the densest debris and overgrowth can’t stand in its way. The power of this machine rests in its three or four-blade cutting system and capacity to remove materials seven inches in diameter. Plus, each Gladiator is custom-made to fit the configuration of your machine. No limbs, brush, or excessive vegetation stands a chance against this powerful brush cutter.

The Terminator XP is another formidable, reliable industrial-grade machine that’s ideal for forestry management. Whether you have a commercial-grade project or residential area that needs clearing, nothing can withstand the power of the Terminator XP. Its ¼ inch deck thickness, carbide mulching teeth, and three or four-blade cutting system make it just as formidable as our Gladiator.

If you need something extra extreme for land management, the Gladiator is the brush cutter for you. Otherwise, our Terminator XP is great for commercial-grade projects.

Residential Construction 

The construction industry can be brutal, especially when it comes to clearing land before development. Managing land is no easy task, so clearing and preparing areas before construction is critical.

If you’re in commercial or residential construction, you need something heavy-duty that can take on the most challenging terrain and stubborn growth, and nothing is up for the job like an excavator brush cutter. This brush cutting equipment for sale is designed to combat challenging environments with ease, so you feel great about your upcoming projects.

Nothing is equipped to get the job done like our Tree Slayer when it comes to dense forestry that needs clearing. Unlike most tree cutters, this attachment can cut and trim trees, dense brush, and even grind down troublesome stumps. Its design is ideal for managing commercial-grade projects and can prep vast areas of land with ease. The Tree Slayer’s power rests in its incredible hydraulic flow rate, ranging from 10-60 GPM, and powerful mulching teeth. This three-blade cutting system can cut down trees up to six inches in diameter, leaving behind nothing in its path.

Another heavy-duty attachment that can tackle thick growth with ease is the Brush Eliminator. Our Brush Eliminator is ideal for handling rugged terrain, so if you’re working on a particularly challenging job site, you can count on this excavator brush cutter to get things done. This two-blade system can cut up to 4 inches in diameter, so if you have small amounts of brush that need to be removed fast, this is the attachment for you.

Farmland and Agriculture

Managing farmland is one of the most challenging jobs out there. Clearing land to make way for new fields or cleaning up surrounding areas is quite a task. Whether it’s your farm or a commercial property, Rut Manufacturing has the brush cutting attachments you need to keep things clear and contained.

Because farmland can be unique, we have two skid steer brush cutters and one excavator brush cutter equipped for your needs: our Terminator, Excavator Brush Cutter, and Skid Steer Brush Mower Cutter.

While the Terminator is ideal for commercial property management, this diverse piece of equipment can also manage overgrowth on farms with ease. As our most multi-purpose attachment, this product can do it all so that you can manage farm vegetation and clear neighboring property with ease. This commercial brush cutter has a three-blade cutting system and can cut up to six inches of material using AR400 steel blades. Whether you work in commercial agriculture or run a farm, this brush cutter can eliminate anything in its path.

Alternatively, the Gladiator is a skid steer attachment that may be used to prepare and clean up after a natural disaster. The Gladiator Hydraulic Brush Cutter is an industrial-grade cutter with the ability to cut, mulch, and clear almost any brush or wood it meets. The Gladiator will help you eliminate growth with ease and optimize your workload in no time with its heavy-duty features.

Our excavator Brush Cutter is also ideal for managing commercial farmland and other complex areas. Ponds, ditches, hillsides, and rugged landscaping is no match for this incredible brush cutter. This excavator brush cutter is ideal for maintaining land, so you can keep any property looking incredible. The 2-blade cutting system can cut smaller brush, up to two inches in diameter, so native grasses and briars won’t stand a chance.

Last but certainly not least is the Brush Mower Cutter. This heavy-duty commercial grade brush cutter has a two-blade cutting system that can cut down brush up to four inches in diameter, ideal for clearing brush in the toughest terrain. Plus, the open front design of this brush mower allows materials to enter and exit the deck more efficiently than most cutters. The brush mower comes standard with 5000 psi rated hydraulic hoses with ½” flat face quick couplers so that you can count on the integrity of your attachment.

Find the Best Brush Cutting Equipment for Sale with Rut

Choosing the right brush-cutter for your industry can be challenging, but finding an attachment becomes less of a challenge when you shop from trusted manufacturers that care about the integrity and quality of their work. At Rut Manufacturing, we place quality, craftsmanship, and customer service above all else because our machines reflect our dedication. Our company is here to help you find the best brush cutting equipment for sale so that you can optimize your workload in no time.

Want to learn more about our incredible equipment? Explore our Excavator Resources & Skid Steer Resources to see how our brush cutters can get the job done!

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