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Rut Manufacturing's Terminator XP brush cutter skid steer attachment

The Best Hydraulic Brush Cutters for Skid Steers

If you’re searching for the best hydraulic brush cutters for skid steers, you’re not alone. A skid steer brush cutter’s job description is the ability to devour thick brush, small limbs, and dense clearings, yet some machines still struggle to complete these essential tasks. You don’t just want the best brush cutter – you need it.

However, finding the right skid steer brush cutter is easier said than done. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one size fits all brush-cutting attachment. Every skid steer model is different, so the question is, how do you find the best brush cutter for your machinery? By comparing the top skid steer brush cutters.

At Rut Manufacturing, we understand that your skid steer requires the best. That’s why we’ve rounded up our best hydraulic brush cutters for skid steers so that you can find the best brush cutter attachment for your line of work.

What is a Heavy-Duty Brush Cutter?

If you need to clear thick brush and small trees, a heavy-duty brush cutter is suitable for the job. These brush cutters are designed to tackle dense undergrowth and saplings with ease. Hydraulic brush cutters are available as attachments for skid steers, tractor loaders, and excavators. With a hydraulic motor, you can achieve an optimal workload that makes your life easier with its durability.


Which Type of Brush Cutter is Best?

You might be wondering what the best skid steer brush cutter on the market is. The answer? It depends on your skid steer and workload. Everyone has different needs, so your idea of the best skid steer brush cutter might differ from someone else’s. What matters is how compatible your skid steer is with the hydraulic brush cutter.

At Rut Manufacturing, we design our hydraulic brush cutters for skid steers to be highly efficient, combining innovative brush cutting technology with heavy-duty materials. Your skid steer mower attachment should match your work ethic, and with our brush cutter’s stainless steel blades, deck thickness, and reasonable price point, your investment is bound to go the distance.

We carry a diverse line of brush cutters for skid steers, so once you determine the needs of your skid steer, you’ll be able to find the proper attachment for your machine. If you’re ready to discover the best brush cutter for your skid steer, take a closer look at the following hydraulic brush cutter attachments.


While we have plenty of brush cutters for skid steers, nothing is as dynamic as our latest product: the Gladiator. The Gladiator hydraulic brush cutter combines the power of a standard skid steer brush cutter with a forestry mulcher to process dense brush, unruly terrain, and cut down any unwanted limbs or trees in its path. 

Like the Terminator XP, the Gladiator has an upgraded 1″ thick blade carrier and comes with highly durable carbide-tipped mulching teeth. These carbide-tipped mulching teeth process dense brush and vegetation in seconds and will change how you manage job sites.

Plus, the Gladiator comes with additional vine cutters above the blade carrier, protecting the driveshaft, so you encounter fewer setbacks on the job. Additionally, we utilize a pressure gauge visible to the operator to monitor the forestry brush cutter‘s load. This guarantees that the brush cutter runs at its peak performance and avoids unnecessary damage on the job.

Its construction makes the Gladiator one of the best hydraulic brush cutters for skid steers. The deck comprises 3/8″ and 1/2″ plates and is entirely manufactured in our facility to ensure the highest quality equipment. Additionally, the Gladiator’s push bar is designed to keep trees and brush in front of the cutter, so they’re devoured with ease. Along the front of the forestry mulcher, we use fully replaceable skid shoes. Our Gladiator can do just about anything you need if you need a dynamic brush cutter for your skid steer.

Everyone’s brush cutting needs are different, but no attachment is as universal as the Gladiator hydraulic brush cutter. We understand that this is a tough choice, so contact us directly if you need additional help selecting the best brush-cutting attachment for your skid steer. Our mission is to help you find a brush cutter that makes your workload more manageable.

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The Terminator

Nothing is as durable or efficient as the Terminator when picking the best brush cutter for your skid steer. Specially designed for heavy workloads, multiple industries, and a wide range of terrain, no job is too difficult with the Terminator’s hydraulic motor by your side.

We’ve designed the Terminator to be compatible with skid steers, CTL, and MTL machines, so it’s more diverse than a standard skid steer mower attachment. Plus, this skid steer-mounted hydraulic brush cutter attachment works on devices with a hydraulic flow of between 17-45 gallons per minute, making this hydraulic brush cutter a staple for all of your heavy-duty job sites. 

In addition to its hydraulic flow capabilities, the Terminator has a direct drive cutter with a three-blade cutting system and hydraulic hoses with quick connect couplers, making this skid steer brush cutter capable of handling the dense brush.

We believe this is one of the best brush cutters for skid steers because this heavy-duty attachment is made using AR400 steel blades. Our brush cutter attachment can clear brush on your farm, land, or right of way. Your blades can withstand the toughest, thickest, and harshest landscapes with ease, so you’ll never worry about the integrity of your skid steer brush cutter.

Rut Manufacturing produces the Terminator to serve the small landowner and operations like tree companies, power companies, cities, towns, and much more. If your work line requires diversity on the job or work on residential properties, we recommend investing in the Terminator.


The Terminator XP

If you need a hydraulic brush cutter with more heft, the Terminator XP is what you need. Like the Terminator, it packs a punch – only the Terminator XP has a few additional features that take your workload to the next level. With upgraded deck thickness (¼”) and deck sides (5/16″), carbide-tipped mulching teeth, and add ons to the gear motor, it’s the best skid steer brush cutter for commercial use.

In addition to the Terminator XP’s features, we customize the motor to your specific skid steer model, ensuring your cutter operates at peak performance. Trust us – the Terminator XP is dynamic enough to work as long as you do.

Like the Terminator, the Terminator XP’s hydraulic flow can operate between 17 and 45 gallons per minute. It also has a direct drive cutter with a three-blade or four-blade cutting system, hydraulic hoses, and quick-connect couplers. The main difference between these models is that the carbide-tipped mulching teeth and gear motor upgrades allow the Terminator XP to devour even more brush.

The Terminator XP’s open front design allows for material to enter into the blade path and also aids in cleaning the debris from underneath the deck so that the cutter can maintain its blade tip speed.

If you’re looking for a brush cutter with extensive features, high efficiency, and designed for commercial and residential use, the Terminator XP is the best skid steer hydraulic brush cutter for you.

How to Pick the Best Hydraulic Brush Cutter for Skid Steers

Finding the best brush cutter for your skid steer depends on its size, flow rate, and your line of work. The proper skid steer mower attachment for one piece of equipment isn’t the same for another. Every industry has different demands, so finding a brush cutter attachment that exceeds your workload expectations is essential.

Before purchasing a brush cutter for your skid steer, take measurements of your machine, and determine if it’s a high flow or low flow piece of machinery. Finding the best brush-cutting attachment will be easier once you know what’s most compatible with your skid steer. For more insight, read our step-by-step guide on How to Buy a Skid Steer Attachment: Brush Cutters.

Talk is one thing, but why not see our dynamic skid steer brush cutters in action? Before you buy, read our most Common Questions about Brush Cutters, and view all of our Skid Steer Brush Cutting Attachments to learn what makes the hydraulic brush cutter the best in the industry.

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