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Tree Cutting Equipment Holding Tree Debris

Why You Need Tree Cutting Equipment

If you’re planning to eradicate unwanted trees on your property, you’re looking at a lot of hard work ahead. Why not streamline your experience and optimize your time and efficiency with the right equipment?

When you want tree cutting done right, you need tree cutting equipment. Tree trimming is often an overlooked job on a property. Whether you’re tackling a tree stump in your front yard or a tree trying to grow into the road, tree cutting has risks that need to be considered before you attempt it. Like any job, tree cuttings are easier with proper equipment.

Using tree cutting equipment to cut down the tree yourself will save you time and energy, but it can be challenging to decide what tree cutting equipment you should invest in.

When tree cutting, tree removal, trimming, pruning, or other tree work is necessary, you need the right tools. When you use tree-cutting equipment from Rut Manufacturing, you can trust that you’re using the most robust brush cutter attachments that will save you time and effort.

If you need tree cutting equipment or tree cutting services, make your property beautiful again with Rut’s expansive range of tree cutting equipment. Whether you’re completing a professional job or maintaining private property, Rut has exactly what you seek. 

Below, you’ll find different types of tree cutting equipment and labor-saving brush cutter attachments options that will cut through unwanted growth in no time.

5 Types of Tree Cutting Equipment

Before deciding what tree-cutting equipment is best for your needs, here’s a quick rundown of the available types.

Brush Cutter Attachments

Brush cutters are tree-cutting equipment attachments with a rotating blade at the bottom, and it can be purchased as either a mini-excavator attachment or skid steer attachment. It’s an effective tree-cutting tool for clearing large areas of vegetation in a short amount of time. You may need tree climbing equipment to use a brush cutter since some models don’t cut tree limbs too high. The tree-cutting equipment should be paired with tree climbing spikes and boots or harnesses to be effective.

At Rut Manufacturing, we offer the best brush cutter attachments in the business. Our made-in-the-USA products are efficient and durable pieces of tree cutting equipment.

Tree Root Cutter

A tree root cutter is tree cutting equipment used to cut tree roots under the surface. It uses hydraulics, and sharp blades and works from a small excavation machine or a compact tracked excavator. This tree cutting equipment can be attached easily, and it also prevents damage to tree crowns during tree removal.

Tree Shear

A tree shear is another type of tree cutting equipment utilized to cut down trees up to 1 foot in diameter. This tree cutting equipment is fast and effective, but tree cuttings won’t be as small as tree cutting equipment that uses a tree masticator chipper.

Tree Masticator Chipper

A tree masticator chipper has a rotating drum with sharp blades, and tree care professionals commonly use tree cutting equipment like this for tree removal tasks. Sometimes two tree cutting equipment options are used at once: a tree-topper pruner cutter and a tree masticator chipper tree cutting equipment. 

The tree-topper pruner reaches tree limbs, and the tree masticator chipper will take care of the tree cuttings left behind by the tree-topper pruner cutter.

Sawmill Tree Cutting Equipment

A sawmill tree cutting equipment is another option for making wood chips out of tree trunks and stumps. This tree cutting equipment works best for tree felling or tree cutting that produces tree cuttings up to 14 inches in diameter, but it can be used on tree cuttings as small as 10 inches.

The Best Tree Cutting Equipment for Your Needs

The following tree-cutting attachments are guaranteed to eradicate trees with precision and ease.

Tree Slayer

Nothing does the job like Rut Manufacturing’s Tree Slayer Excavator Cutter to diversify and improve your tree-cutting equipment arsenal. Our excavator tree cutter can cut trees, brush, grinding out small stumps and roots with the serrated edge before collecting debris in a tidy pile utilizing the back edge.

Most excavator attachments aren’t built to last, but the Tree Slayer is designed to handle any rough terrain and is the ideal mini excavator attachment for your task.

Skid Steer Forestry Disc Mulcher Annihilator

Annihilator is ideal for various job sites if you require a forestry disc mulcher attachment to help you save time. This piece of tree cutting equipment for the skid steer is designed to be fast, efficient, and highly durable, allowing you to finish your task quickly. You can rely on the Annihilator cut up to 14 inches in diameter with its powerful mulching teeth.

To learn more about this skid steer attachment, check out our free resource about the Annihilator.

Skid Steer Forestry Brush Cutter Gladiator

The Gladiator Forestry Brush Cutter is a skid steer attachment used for on-site preparation and disaster cleanup. The Gladiator is industrial-grade tree cutting equipment with a 1″ thick blade carrier featuring carbide-tipped mulching teeth.

The mulching teeth help break down forestry vegetation and grind down stumps and are tough enough to withstand heavy debris and overgrowth. Above the blade carrier, the Gladiator incorporates vine cutters to protect the driveshaft from overhanging vines. Its design, toughness, and high efficiency make it easier to manage your workload.

Want to learn more about the Gladiator? Read our free guide for more information about this fantastic piece of tree-cutting equipment!

Safety Precautions 

Before you use tree-cutting equipment for trimming trees, keep these things in mind.

Always be safe, and never use tree-cutting equipment when you’re tired or distracted. And always wear the proper safety gear, like tree climbing spikes and boots, protective glasses, earplugs, and face masks, along with your hard hat. These tree-cutting equipment options are capable of causing severe injuries if operated incorrectly.

When the brush cutter attachment is used, make sure bystanders are far away from any flying debris. 

When tree cutting, tree removal, or tree trimming with tree cutting equipment is necessary, always consider what equipment you should use first. The equipment you choose will determine how successful your venture will be. Tree cutting equipment isn’t exactly cheap, so be sure to do your research and choose the best brush cutter attachment available.

Why Choose Rut Manufacturing?

Rut Manufacturing is a tree-cutting equipment manufacturer that provides options for tree removal and tree care professionals. All of our products are made in the USA with the best quality materials to ensure customers can use our products for years to come.

At Rut, we’re in the business to provide you with the most efficient tools for the job—whether you need tree cutting equipment, brush mowers, or more.

Are you looking for skid steer attachments for mini excavator attachments to manage uncontrolled growth? Check out Rut Manufacturing’s Owner’s Manual to learn more about our durable products!

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