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How to Use a Tree Cutting Attachment

Regardless of your industry, there are always obstacles on the job. Troublesome trees, excessive limbs, and tree stumps are just some of the debris you’ll encounter on commercial or residential sites. While these aren’t huge setbacks, this extra foliage can delay your productivity, which is less than ideal if you’re trying to move onto another project. So how can you keep your day on track and handle those troublesome limbs? By getting an attachment that can handle the job with maximum efficiency.
In times like these, you need a highly durable piece of equipment that can clear these obstacles with ease, and nothing is more capable than a tree cutting attachment. These attachments are ideal for removing this growth, land management, and removing trees in their path. If you need a highly diverse attachment for eliminating trees, keep reading to learn more about tree cutting attachments.

What is a tree cutting attachment?

A tree cutting attachment is a piece of equipment designed to cut, clear, and process thick limbs, tree trunks, and stumps with ease. Tree cutting attachments, also known as tree shears, are perfect for cutting down small trees, up to 14” in diameter, and grinding down tree stumps and brush. They can individually shear down a tree and can be maneuvered on inclines and hills if necessary.
Tree cutting attachments are excellent for most jobs because they’re durable and diverse enough to use on personal and commercial properties. Dense clearings, thick scrubs, all of these obstacles won’t stand a chance once you’re equipped with a tree cutting attachment. Also, property clean up is easy to manage because of its stump grinding capabilities.
Depending on your line of work and existing equipment, you can find a tree cutter that’s compatible with your skid steer or excavator to get the job done.

How to use tree cutting attachment

Now that we’ve discussed what a tree cutting attachment is, we will explain where and how to use it on the job. Before getting started on any project, it’s essential to check the following:

  • The blades
    • The blades of your tree cutter are responsible for completing all the hard work. Without sharp, clean, precise blades, you’ll see setbacks in their cutting capabilities. Before getting started, check to see if any debris or pieces of wood are caught in the blades. If there are, it’s best to remove these obstacles before getting to work.


  • The hydraulics
    • Examining the hydraulic oil on your attachment and machine is essential. Low hydraulic fluid means your oil needs to be replaced, or you could have a possible leak. Your oil should be full but not so full that it risks overflowing. If your oil levels are normal, it’s okay to begin work.


  • The controls
    • Check the controls on your excavator or skid steer before operating. Make sure they’re operating properly so you don’t have any setbacks on the job.

Once you’ve inspected your tree cutting attachment and machine, it’s time to get to work! If you haven’t already, attach the tree cutter’s coupler to your device. Rut Manufacturing’s attachments are quick attach compatible, and if needed, we can create a coupler that fits your machine. Once the attachment is secure, it’s time to get to work.
To use a tree cutter, first, inspect the surrounding area. Do not engage your attachment unless you’re in a place where debris won’t harm anyone working nearby. Once you’re in the right location, you can begin working.

  • It’s safe to operate your tree cutting attachment on flat areas or inclined terrain.
  • Find the tree you wish to remove, engage the cutter, so it moves in a fluid motion.
  • Slice through the base of the tree cleanly so it doesn’t leave more than a stump behind.
  • Continue to cut through trees in sections, giving your attachment enough time to cut through a tree’s base before moving onto the next.
  • Use the tree cutter to slice through limbs and other unwanted branches along the tree.
  • For troublesome stumps or sticks, center your mulching teeth over the wood, and grind down the remainder of the stump.

As you can see, it’s easy to use a tree cutting attachment so long as the proper precautions have been taken.

Best tree cutting attachments

While operating a tree cutter is straightforward, selecting the right tree cutting attachment can be difficult. It’s important to find something that is durable and capable of working as hard as you do. Luckily, Rut Manufacturing has the best tree cutting attachment on the market – our Tree Slayer Excavator Cutter.
The Tree Slayer can remove dense trees and stumps with ease and is compatible with excavators and mini excavators. Plus, we design every Tree Slayer to do more than remove trees. We create our excavator attachments with the intention that they can work harder, faster, and longer than any other tree shear or cutter on the market.
Even though the Tree Slayer is an outstanding tree shear on its own, it does even more when fitted with Rut Manufacturing’s customizable tree shear attachments. Our carbide-tipped mulching teeth are made from the most durable material, have very low maintenance, and cut the toughest materials into fine pieces with less hassle than standard mower blades. These mulching teeth make the excavator tree mulcher attachment great for tree removal, limb removal, stump removal and can be maneuvered over uneven terrain.
With the Tree Slayer, you’ll never approach tree removal the same way again. Plus, this tree cutting attachment is capable of working multiple jobs, including:

  • Tree removal services
  • Personal property management
  • Farmland
  • Landscaping
  • Commercial property

Depending on your machine’s size, our Tree Slayer comes in three different sizes – 36” inches, 42” inches, and 48” inches, so you can find the tree cutting attachment that suits your workload.
While using a tree cutting attachment is pretty straightforward, your work’s success lies in the attachment. If you want to learn more about our Tree Slayer, review our Fast Facts about the Tree Slayer or simply contact Rut Manufacturing.

Want to learn more about the Tree Slayer and our other amazing excavator attachments? Read our guide, Everything about Excavator Attachments, to learn more about our incredible machines at Rut Manufacturing.


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