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Tree Mulchers in Action: Disc Mulcher vs Drum Mulcher

Are you looking for a tool powerful enough to clear troublesome growth on your property? If you’re trying to maintain your personal property or other landscapes, trees can be difficult to eliminate, and typically become a messy obstacle. For projects like this, a tree mulcher is a perfect tool for your project. 

Tree mulchers come in two different attachments: disc mulchers and drum mulchers. Both attachments offer pros and cons that will determine which skid steer tree mulcher is suitable for you. When you’re choosing which piece of machinery to employ, it’s best to know your options. Before you make a final decision, we’re going to explain what a mulcher is, and compare disc mulchers vs. drum mulchers

What is a Tree Mulcher

A tree mulcher for skid steers is an attachment that allows you to shred trees to the ground quickly. Whether you’re trimming the top or pulverizing a whole trunk to ground level, tree mulchers are equipped to eradicate dense, wooded areas. At Rut Manufacturing we’re dedicated to providing you with well-built, powerful attachments that save you time and effort.


Disc Tree Mulcher vs. Drum Mulcher: What’s the Difference? 

Both tree mulcher attachments are made for mulching trees and bushes, but they look and perform very differently. It’s essential to know the fundamental difference between the two before we continue comparing the tools. 


Drum Mulcher

Drum mulchers are cylindrical skid steer attachments covered in carbide teeth or hardened steel rings that devour growth.  


Disc Mulcher

Disc mulchers look like large disks and are adorned with mulching teeth to annihilate trees. Disc mulchers combine stored energy and hydraulic power to cut down growth with ease. 

If you’re looking for attachments to tackle a massive amount of growth on your property, disc and drum mulchers are perfect options. Mulchers for skid steers eliminate trees, stumps, and shrubs in no time. Large-scale projects require potent devices that can streamline your workload and save you valuable time. 

If you’ve purchased a skid steer and have questions about how to maintain and operate it efficiently, check out our free resource



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Tree Mulcher for Skid Steer Applications

Forestry and landscaping professionals rely on mulchers for skid steers to perform their jobs efficiently. Here are the most common applications for mulchers that can benefit your project:

  • Land clearing on your property
  • Forest management
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Trail and road overgrowth management
  • Storm damage and disaster cleanup
  • Clearing land for site preparation
  • Pipeline and transmission line clearing


The numerous applications for these powerful pieces of equipment make it a must-use tool for those stamping out a colossal amount of growth. However, when you’re comparing disc mulcher and drum mulchers, one thing’s for certain—they will help you tackle foliage with ease.


Are you looking for a tree mulcher that can go the distance? Trust the Skid Steer Forestry Disc Mulcher Annihilator from Rut Manufacturing to eradicate any unwanted growth in its way. 


Drum Mulchers for Skid Steers Pros 



Drum mulchers are generally thought to have a slight advantage in visibility and maneuverability. Their compact design and depth allow for better maneuverability. In addition, operators can see when the drum hits the ground since there isn’t a deck inhibiting the operator’s view. 



Drum mulchers for skid steers are generally considered safer in urban areas. Unlike disc mulchers, the drum design will push material back toward the ground instead of sending it in different directions. However, no matter where you’re using a tree mulcher, you should keep people at least 300′ away for their safety. 


Finished Product

Drum mulchers leave more minor wood chips behind. If you want finer ground debris, drums are an excellent option.


Drum Tree Mulchers Cons



Drum tree mulchers may wrack up more maintenance costs by the need for frequent teeth replacement. Steel knives are cheaper than carbide, so owners may want to switch to save money. 


Adjusting the Motor

Before operating the attachment, drum mulchers must be tuned by the owner, manufacturer, or dealer. The flow rate (GPM) must match the loader and the RPM of the mulcher rotor. If this step is skipped, it can result in a low RPM that will cut speeds and may damage the motor permanently.



Skid steer drum mulchers tend to fall into a higher price range and cost anywhere from $33,000-$43,000 and have a 50″-75″ cut width. The price depends on the manufacturer, width, and model you choose. At Rut Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in serving our customers to the best of our ability. You don’t have through the nose for essential tools. Our products are some of the best quality, affordable tools in the industry!


Disc Mulcher for Skid Steers Pros



The high-powered capability of disc mulchers makes them optimal for cutting through thick trees. Because of the disc mulcher’s stored energy, the job will be done quickly and efficiently. Rut Manufacturing’s Mini Excavator Disc Mulcher supplies a powerful attachment that ranges from 28’-48′ in diameter and is ideal for all types of excavators. If you’re looking for an efficient tree mulcher, Rut has you covered. Watch our video to see this dynamic tree mulcher in action!



Disc mulchers terminate a wider area of growth in one fell swoop. The disc has higher productivity potential than the drum due to its ability to clear an expansive area quickly. 


Disc Mulcher Maintenance

Skid steer disc mulchers don’t require a motor adjustment before use, unlike the drum mulcher. Disc mulchers work with a variety of flow loaders without needing to adjust the motor each time. All you need to do is attach the tree mulcher to the loader and connect couplers to start clearing growth. Additionally, disc mulcher teeth can be rotated and resharpened if they’re made of steel—providing a longer service life. 



If you’re looking to save some money, disc mulchers are generally more affordable than drums. Most disc mulchers are cheaper and have a more significant cut width. Rut Manufacturing offers dependable disc mulchers that are not only efficient but also economical. 


Disc Tree Mulcher Cons



Disc mulchers for skid steers tend to leave larger wood chips behind after quashing tremendous growth. Make sure that bystanders are out of the way while you’re operating a disc mulcher since debris can fly out in different directions. The disc mulcher is ideal for rural areas. 


Will a Forestry Mulcher Grind Stumps?

Although disc mulchers can lower stumps down to ground level, they don’t remove the stump under the ground like a drum mulcher. Depending on your needs, this may not be an issue. 


Tree Mulchers: The Bottom Line

Both skid steer tree mulcher attachments have their strengths and weaknesses. Your project will benefit from the services that either mulcher can provide. Your choice will vary depending on your needs and the scope of your undertaking. If your project is in an urban area, a drum mulcher may be a safer option for possible bystanders that will tackle more minor tasks.

However, if you’re looking for a formidable machine that will eradicate the most challenging growth terrains, a disc mulcher will get the job done. If you’re in a rural area with thick trees and shrubs, a disc mulcher is the right choice for you. Rut Manufacturing has a catalog of disc tree mulcher attachments that will ensure your landscape will be maintained with proficiency and strength. We know you work hard—let Rut’s tree mulchers transform your workday and ease your load. 

Are you ready to clear messy growth in record time? Rut Manufacturing has skid steer and excavator attachments that are guaranteed to withstand the most demanding jobs. Contact us with any questions you have about our quality tree mulcher options!

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