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Excavator Auger

Product Spotlight: The Excavator Auger by Rut Manufacturing

Get more reach out of your mini excavator with an excavator auger.

With the excavator auger attachment from Rut Manufacturing, you’ll be able to save time, money, and energy by:

  • Reducing manpower and labor needs
  • Eliminating the need to haul additional heavy equipment
  • Finishing tough jobs in hard to reach places with ease

Ever needed to get more reach out of your mini excavator? Whether it’s a tight space or just an awkward angle, you can go further with an excavator auger attachment.   Use the auger bit to reach over walls, drill in tight, awkward spaces, and tackle heavy duty drilling and digging jobs.


How does an auger attachment pair with a mini excavator?

Hydraulic auger systems, like this one from Rut Manufacturing, use four main components:

  • The drive unit, which converts the flow and pressure of your mini excavator’s hydraulics into rotation and auger torque.
  • The auger bit, which rotates and does all the digging.
  • Hoses, which supply fluid to the drive unit.
  • The mount, which anchors the auger attachment to your mini excavator.


This attachment’s auger drive:

  • Requires two-way auxiliary hydraulics
  • Operates between 10-27 GPM flow
  • Is made right here in the USA


This attachment is suited for excavators in the following size ranges:

  • 6,000-10,000lbs
  • 10,000-14,000lbs
  • 14,000-18,000lbs


Why the excavator auger from Rut Manufacturing?

Excavator attachments allow you to get more out of less. With compact, versatile equipment in your arsenal, your mini excavator is good for much more than digging. Rut Manufacturing designs and manufactures equipment that makes it easier to:

  • Landscape personal property
  • Maintain farmland
  • Manage large tracts of land
  • Mow, mulch, and maintain even the toughest terrain
  • Finish landscaping and construction jobs in urban or residential areas
  • Make a big impact and leave a smaller carbon footprint


For questions about whether the excavator attachment from Rut Manufacturing is right for your needs, contact Rut Manufacturing. All of our excavator attachments are made in the USA and are designed to help you work smarter, faster, and better without working harder.

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