Excavator Auger
Begins at: $2,263 Select options

Excavator Auger

Begins at: $2,263

The excavator auger attachment from Rut Manufacturing will help you reach those hard to access areas, whether in a ditch or over a wall.  The Excavator Auger saves you money by reducing manpower and having to haul additional equipment!



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Ever needed just a little more reach on your mini excavator?  Need to reach over a wall or down a hole? The Excavator Auger is just what you need to extend the usage of your mini excavator and tackle those tough jobs.  Adding an Excavator Auger to your arsenal will go a long way toward reducing the amount of manpower, equipment, and transportation cost need at each job by enhancing your existing mini excavator equipment and attachments.


We offer the Excavator Auger for the following size excavators with 10-30gpm flow:

6,000-10,000lbs |  10,000-14,000lbs |  14,000-18,000lbs

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Size & Weight

5,000-10,000 LBS., 10-30 GPM, 10,000-14,000lbs., 10-30 GPM, 14,000-18,000lbs., 10-30 GPM