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Do More with Less: 6 Ways to Use a Mini Excavator (Other Than Digging)

Do More with a Mini Excavator

Whether you’re maintaining farmland, running a landscaping business, or working on a construction site, wouldn’t you rather do it without switching back and forth between multiple tools and pieces of equipment? Ditch the heavy, single-purpose construction equipment and save yourself time, energy, and money by getting more out of your compact excavator. Mini excavators are smaller than their standard counterparts, making them ideal for getting into tight spaces on various construction sites and tricky landscapes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mow, trim brush, shear trees, or bore holes, and then clear all the debris with one machine?

Fun fact: you can with Rut Manufacturing’s Excavator Attachments.



What can I use a mini excavator for other than digging?

With the right excavator attachments, your excavator can replace just about any major piece of equipment, including a tractor or skid steer. Some excavator attachments are compatible with both a skid steer and excavator, you’ll just need to check with the manufacturer. Here’s how you can do more with less using just your excavator.


Clearing brush.

Eliminate brush and eliminate the hassle of hauling a mower with an attachment crafted specifically for removing even the thickest underbrush with ease.

Recommended attachment: Brush Eliminator

The Brush Eliminator attachment has 36 carbide cutting teeth that offer the best finishing job on the market.



Disc mulchers are ideal for removing vegetation up to 4 to 6 inches. For a superior finish, look for a blade-free unit with carbide cutting teeth. Use a mini mulcher attachment for:

  • Smaller jobs in tight corners that don’t allow large attachments
  • Clearing overgrowth in ditches, along driveways, and along rights-of-way
  • Clearing around ponds, riversides, and other hard to reach areas


Recommended attachment: Mini Mulcher


Splitting logs.

Make firewood without having to constantly reposition your excavator.

Recommended attachment: Log Splitter


Shearing trees.

Why do it manually or buy more equipment if you could just use your excavator?

Recommended attachment: Tree Shear


Boring holes.

Reach difficult areas not accessible by larger machines and typical boring equipment.

Recommended attachment: Excavator Auger


Loading & unloading.

The perfect attachment for organizing and arranging heavy loads.

Recommended attachment: Pallet Fork


Pro Tip: Use a multitasking attachment to do even more with a multitasking piece of equipment.

Have a huge chunk of land to clear and maintain? Own a landscaping business and need a versatile tool that can cover a ton of ground and do several jobs? You need an attachment that can:

  • Cut and trim trees and shrubs
  • Clear brush and overgrowth quickly
  • Grub out small stumps and roots
  • Collect and move debris


Can one tool do all of that? You bet. The Tree Slayer from Rut Manufacturing is powerful on its own, but when fitted with Rut Manufacturing’s customizable Tree Slayer attachments, you can use a selector valve to effortlessly load and move debris with just the use of your thumb. You can even add carbide mulching teeth to your Tree Slayer to turn it into a prime mulching tool.  



Whatever the job, you can tackle it with more power and less effort with the right attachments. Check out Rut Manufacturing to see what all your excavator can do.

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