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Product Spotlight: Root and Brush Grapple for Skid Steers

If you’re in need of a skid steer attachment that can do it all, our latest skid steer product is perfect for your future job sites. We’re going to be highlighting one of our favorite new products, that you’re going to want to add to your skid steer equipment collection: the root and brush grapple. Our skid steer root and brush grapple is ideal for those difficult jobs when you have to lift heavy-duty items, and need something with extra lift.

Whether you live on a farm, work in construction, or just want an attachment with the most durability, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about our root and brush grapple, and why it’s a staple for your skid steer.

What does A Brush Grapple Do?


A brush grapple is ideal for a variety of jobs. Their main function is to carry, lift, move, and support whatever is in their ‘arms,’ so you can transport items with ease. The arms are designed to lift brush or heavy debris, and maneuver itself carefully in even the tightest of spaces. You can clear off anything that stands in your way with a brush grapple at your side.

Unlike more traditional skid steer attachments, that mow and clear down pathways, a grapple brush gives you the ability to move and transport items easily. This distinct feature is ideal for anyone in the tree cutting, landscaping, excavating, or construction industry. You’ll be able to clear off logs, brush, and other lightweight or heavy materials faster than ever, thanks to the unique shape of the root and brush grapple.


What are the parts of a Root Grapple?


A root grapple is able to do it’s job thanks to two main parts – the arms, and the tines. The arms are what reinforces it’s lifting capabilities, so you’re able to take debris or brush from one place to the next. The tines are what support the arms of the grapple, so you don’t have additional debris falling down all-around your job site. This is what makes it ideal for cleaning and clearing.

A root grapple is particularly diverse because of its construction – not only can it clean up job sites, but it’s ideal for transporting materials, thanks to the supportive nature of the arms and tines. This is what makes it capable of lifting even the heaviest loads, so you can work harder than ever before.


A Closer Look at the Skid Steer Brush and Root Grapple


Now that you know more about the root grapple, we’re going to take a closer look at this amazing attachment. Our root grapple is made from exceptionally durable materials, so you can rest easier knowing you’ll be able to transport anything around your next job site. We currently offer two different types of brush grapples: heavy-duty, and extreme duty.

Our heavy-duty root grapple is made with ⅜” grade 50 steel, so you can lift, clear, and clean anything that stands in your way. It’s most compatible with 74 HP machines.

Want to take things to the next level? The extreme duty root grapple is made with ½” grade 50 steel and is truly one of a kind. The durability of this skid steer attachment is going to amaze anyone who comes across its unique design. The extreme duty is compatible with 75 HP machines.

The best part? We offer five different sizes of this incredible device. Simply select between our 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, or 84” models. There is no one size fits all skid steer – the same rules apply to our root and brush grapple.



Who can Benefit from the Brush and Root Grapple?


Our brush and root grapple truly is a one of a kind attachment, designed for every type of job. No matter your profession, the brush grapple is an essential tool for every skid steer owner.

If you need help clearing, transporting, or removing debris from your job site, it’s time to explore the brush and root grapple for yourself. Just be sure to keep up with annual skid steer maintenance, so this attachment will run like new for years to come.

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