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Excavator Pallet Fork

Safety Tips: Excavator Pallet Forks

Recently purchased an Excavator Pallet Fork attachment from Rut? We’ve compiled a few safety tips to make sure you are running at optimal efficiency and safety.



Regular Maintenance.

Whether you’re lifting stacks of wood or pallets full of food, your pallet fork excavator attachment will begin to show wear over time.  The forks might begin to bend or warp. This is perfectly normal and can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Scraping against concrete or trying to lift too large of an object.
  • Lifting objects above the recommended weight limit.
  • Lifting a load too far out on the fork.


It’s important that you have a qualified metallurgist perform regular maintenance on your pallet forklift attachment to ensure it meets all regulations and standards.  Not doing so may cause irreparable damage to your excavator or pallet forklift, costing you much more than it would to simply perform regular maintenance. Ensuring regular maintenance is performed is the best safety tip we can offer!



Simply inspecting the pallet forklift attachment can go a long way toward identifying problems and dangers before they arise.  Can you tell at a glance whether or not the forks are bent? Do the tips of the forks line up at a glance? Is there excessive rust on the attachment?  Regularly inspecting your pallet fork attachment is the simplest way to ensure it is safe and sound.


Follow the Directions!

Avoid lifting more than the recommended amount of weight.  Our mini excavator pallet fork attachments can lift up to 4,000 pounds, and exceeding that weight can cause your mini excavator or attachment to fail and potentially cause bodily harm to you or your workers.

Be careful in how you load or unload the pallet forklift attachment. Allowing pallets to slide off can cause undue strain on your equipment and potentially damage your product or materials.  Always allow the load to rest fully on the ground before pulling back on the mini excavator.

Also, avoid lifting anything that extends far beyond the tip of the pallet fork as it can cause the attachment to bend and potentially break.

Excavator pallet fork safety is important, just as it’s important to ensure safety in using all excavator attachments and heavy machinery.  If you have questions, contact a professional before use!



Already have a mini-excavator pallet fork attachment Interested in learning more ways to use your mini excavator?  We’ve got you covered!

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