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Excavator attachments

Best 3 Excavator Attachments to Help You Reclaim Your Land

Do more than dig holes with your excavator.

You don’t need a bunch of heavy construction equipment or cumbersome machinery wasting your time, energy, and space to clear and manage your land. Here are three excavator attachments to cover all of your landscaping and construction needs all with one piece of machinery: your excavator.


The Tree Slayer

What can you do with Rut Manufacturing’s Tree Slayer excavator brush cutter?

  • Digging
  • Mulching
  • Mowing
  • Grubbing
  • Gathering


While this heavy-duty excavator attachment is versatile and powerful all on its own, the Tree Slayer can do even more when paired with Rut Manufacturing’s customizable Tree Slayer attachments. Use a selector valve to instantly gain the ability to effortlessly gather and move debris with just the use of your thumb. Add carbide mulching teeth to your Tree Slayer to turn it into a swift and thorough mulching tool.

With its customizable attachments and modifications, the Tree Slayer from Rut Manufacturing all but cooks your dinner and does the dishes (hey, we’re engineers, not miracle workers). Check out the specs here.


The Brush Eliminator

We’re all about multitasking, but sometimes the solution is simple: specialization. The Brush Eliminator has one job, and it does it better than rest. Eliminate overgrowth and underbrush with precision, speed, and ease.

The brush eliminator is available in multiple sizes to fit the following size ranges:

  • 6,000-10,000 LB Excavators. 36” 10-20 GPM
  • 9,000-14,000 LB Excavators. 42” 10-20 GPM
  • 14,000-24,000 LB Excavators. 48” 15-20 GPM


Shop for the Brush Eliminator.


Excavator Auger

An auger might seem a bit specialized for a “top three” list but bear with us for a moment. You’d be hard pressed to find an auger with more reach, power, and precision. Get into ditches, reach over barriers, and work with awkward angles with ease.

The excavator auger from Rut Manufacturing:

  • Requires two-way auxiliary hydraulics
  • Operates between 10-27 GPM flow


This attachment is suited for excavators in the following size ranges:

  • 6,000-10,000lbs
  • 10,000-14,000lbs
  • 14,000-18,000lbs


Get it here.



Rut Manufacturing’s excavator attachments are versatile, unrivaled, and made right here in the USA. Streamline and simplify your work with excavator attachments from Rut Manufacturing.

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