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The Best Way to Clear Brush and Undergrowth On Your Property

Do you have a tangle of dense overgrowth that you’ve wanted to level on your property? Wrestling with an abundance of trees and shrubs can be an overwhelming prospect, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. If you have the right brush clearing tools and know-how, you can easily maintain your landscape. 

If you’re looking for the best way to clear brush and undergrowth, Rut Manufacturing has a wide range of excavator and skid steer attachments that will expedite your project. Clearing land isn’t exclusively for contractors and professionals. Don’t waste time with back-breaking manual work. With Rut’s easy-to-use, versatile skid steer and excavator attachments, private landowners can skillfully clear their property of unwanted growth. Let’s explore how you can create the landscape you’re seeking. 

Best Land Clearing Options

There are many different ways you can improve your property by land clearing. Clearing small trees and brush is the most common way to create the landscape you desire. In addition, you might use brush clearing equipment to:

  • Expand your lawn
  • Setup fences and hedges
  • Service connections to public utilities and municipal services
  • Aid drainage
  • Create an area for building structures (a shed or home addition, for example)
  • Road construction
  • Real estate development
  • Shape your landscape (remove trees, brush, etc.)
  • Create space to garden

Brush Clearing Equipment Options

Before we dive into the steps of land clearing, it’s vital to know types of brush clearing machines that will determine the best way to clear brush and undergrowth

Brush Mower

A brush mower is designed to clear fields and brush, but unlike other mowers, it can handle rough terrain and clear brush to the ground. Brush mowers can cut through three-inch thick stems and trunks with ease. If you have a large area to cover, brush mowers will halve your labor time. Read about Rut Manufacturing’s Skid Steer Brush Mower to understand how this innovative attachment can help you maintain a beautiful landscape.

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Disc Mulcher

If you need to clear small trees and brush, a disc mulcher will annihilate your growth quickly and turn them into easily dispensable mulch. Rut’s Mini Excavator Disc Mulcher is an excellent option for more minor, tough spots that need a high-powered machine. A disk mulcher is ideal for those looking to save time and effort on an overwhelming project. 

Use Blade Attachments on Your String Trimmer 

String trimmers are shed staples, but did you know you can add a blade attachment to clear brush and undergrowth more effectively? You can use solid metal blades on most string trimmer models—this will help the average homeowner tackle smaller jobs at a lower cost. 

Brush Grubber

Brush grubbers are ideal for bush, small tree, or stump removal. It’s employed by attaching its metal jaws to the plant and securing the other end of the chain an ATV, tractor, or truck to pull a plant out by the roots. By pulling a plant out by its roots, you’re ensuring flattened terrain with no regrowth. 

Stump Grinder 

Have you chopped down trees before, leaving behind pesky stumps? A small, one-man stump grinder can take care of stumps quickly so you can flatten your yard. However, make sure to keep your body and clothes away from the spinning blades to avoid dangerous accidents. If you have large stumps in need of clearing, consider using one of Rut Manufacturing’s many brush cutters to clear your landscape. If you’re looking for an attachment that will annihilate trees and stumps with ease, check out Rut’s Tree Slayer

Preparing for Land Clearing

Before you start clearing your land of small trees and brush, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve taken all of the necessary steps to ensure your project’s success. 

To prepare for landscape clearing, take the following steps:

Educate Yourself On Local Laws and Regulations

Permits don’t just apply to commercial endeavors; your neighborhood could require a permit before land clearing. Ask your local land planning agency about regulations in your area before you break ground. There may be protected plants or erosion control issues that could affect your community. 

Identify Things That Should Remain Untouched

When you’re in the midst of clearing an area, it’s easy to lose sight of trees or vegetation you want to keep. Before starting, mark the aspects of your landscape that you want to protect with flagging tape. 

Clean-Up Your Land

Before using any machinery to clear brush and undergrowth, walk around your land and remove any obstacles that could pose a risk to you or your equipment. Move any large rocks, lumber, trash, or other objects that could get in the way. 

How to Remove Trees

First of all, when using equipment, make sure you’ve read the directions and use equipment safely. You should always wear protective gear like eyewear, long pants, gloves, long-sleeve shirts, and boots. 

When you’re removing trees, you have two options. You can use brush clearing machines like disc mulchers to shred a tree to ground level, or you can pull the tree out by the roots. If you choose to pull it out by the roots, you guarantee no future growth, no stumps, and the opportunity to transplant the tree to a different location.

Follow these steps for tree removal by the roots:

  1. Attach a brush grubber to an ATV or truck to pull out the trees. If the tree is too difficult to pull out entirely, use a lopper or standard chainsaw to cut the tree down to the base and pull out the stump. 
  2. Use a stump grinder to eradicate the stump and root system if needed. 
  3. Fill the hole until the ground is level.

The Best Way to Clear Brush and Undergrowth

To maintain a beautiful landscape, removing brush, like weeds or vines, is essential. 

Take the following steps for brush clearing:

  1. Take safety precautions
  2. Use your brush mower or trimmer equipment to remove unwanted vegetation. Check out our free resources for everything you need to know about Rut Manufacturing’s brush mowers. 
  3. Use a brush grubber to pull out large shrubs—a mulcher or cutter can also level shrubs easily.
  4. Fill in any leftover holes to level your land. 
  5. Dispose of debris—decide if you wish to get rid of debris by composting, a yard waste dumpster, or weekly trash collection.
  6. Use a brush mower to regularly maintain your flawless lawn.

Clearing Small Trees and Brush: Wrapping It Up

It’s more than possible for you to create a perfect landscape with efficiency and ease. Researching brush clearing machines and tools will give you a variety of options to streamline your removal process. With the right tools and preparation, you can alleviate strain and eliminate brush and undergrowth in no time. 

Rut Manufacturing’s powerful attachments are the best way to clear brush and undergrowth on your land. Contact us with any questions you have about effectively clearing your land of unwanted growth. 

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