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Product Spotlight: Skid Steer Pallet Fork

Simple but useful, pallet forks are often overlooked by both amateur and professional landscapers, despite that they almost always come in handy on any job site. Skid steer attachments are all about maximizing the power and versatility of the tools and machinery you already have. Making the most out of your current arsenal means you get to cut back on unnecessary labor, wasted time, and inconvenience. A pallet fork attachment from Rut Manufacturing will certainly help you get more out of your skid steer.



Why a pallet fork?

Pair your skid steer with a pallet fork attachment and instantly gain the ability to:

  • Move large fence posts and logs
  • Lift roofing material
  • Clear heavy waste and brush off of a job site
  • Stack square hay bales
  • Haul round hay bales
  • Elevate other machinery for cleaning or mechanical work


All without swapping tools, changing machines, or slowing you down.


Skid Steer Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are one of the most commonly used attachments across various industries because they’re versatile, reliable, and endlessly useful. A pallet fork attachment allows you to transform your skid steer into an all-terrain forklift. From the toughest, most rugged terrain to a compact urban project, you can tackle it with a skid steer. Add a pallet fork attachment to that and you’re ready for any lifting, moving, stacking, or leveraging task that challenges your productivity. Combined with your skid steer’s precision handling and impressive power, you’ll have a tool that really can do it all. Weird angles, tight spaces, and tough gigs get a whole lot easier when you bring Rut Manufacturing on the job with you.



Add pallet forks to your list of simple but useful multitasking tools and get more out of your machinery. Shop Rut Manufacturing skid steer attachments.

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