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4 Uses for Excavator Brush Mowers

Excavators are used for so much more than excavation these days, and it’s made possible by the excavator attachments you choose. With the right attachment you can do just about anything, from moving heavy loads to clearing away whole trees in minutes. The excavator brush mower by Rut Mfg is the perfect attachment to help maintain ponds, ditches, hillsides, and hard-to-reach areas with materials up to 2” in diameter.

Here are just a few of the jobs it can handle.



Clear Trails

Hiking, horseback riding, and hunting trails can all get overgrown quickly during off-seasons or after not being used for a while. The straight design of the excavator brush mower is designed to fit into tight spaces and clear away brush and undergrowth with ease, making your job easier.


Mow Awkward Hills

Steep or uneven hillsides can be a hassle to maintain, especially if the ground is soft or unstable. The excavator brush mower allows you to reach these awkward areas from stable ground and prevent hills from becoming overgrown.


Maintain Ponds and Riversides

Overgrown areas lining ponds, riversides, lakes, and other bodies of water doesn’t just look sloppy – keeping these spaces clear is better for wildlife, prevents pests from making a home, and keeps debris from building up in your water. Keep the area around your pond or riverside clear and neat quickly and easily with this excavator attachment.


Keep Ditches Clear

An overgrown ditch is more than an eyesore. Keep water flowing to prevent flooding, and stop the buildup of debris by keeping your ditch clear and trimmed. An excavator brush mower will allow you to easily mow and maintain any ditch, no matter how steep the sides.

To learn more about the excavator brush mower and its specs, download our product sheet.

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