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3 Best Excavator Attachments for Maintaining Farmland

3 Best Excavator Attachments for Maintaining Farmland

3 Best Excavator Attachments

Keeping your farmland in check is no small task, which means you don’t have time to waste switching between machinery that can only do one job at a time. Instead, invest in equipment that can effectively clear a ton of land with ease, no matter how overgrown, hilly, or difficult the landscape. Try Rut Manufacturing’s excavator attachments, we know you’ll be pleased.



Tree Slayer Excavator Attachment

Trim. Cut. Grubb. Move. All with one tool.

The Tree Slayer Excavator Attachment from Rut Manufacturing gives you the power to trim trees, cut brush, dig out stumps and roots, and even gather and move debris. It’s a mighty tool alone, but it can achieve even more with the right attachments.


Mulching Teeth

Add carbide-tip grinding teeth to the Tree Slayer’s blade holder and finish even the toughest mowing projects with a finer cut and less hassle than standard mower blades.


Selector Valve

Add a selector valve to your Tree Slayer and use your thumb to get more out of your cutter, even if your excavator isn’t equipped with dual auxiliary hydraulics. The selector valve attachment comes with the wiring harness and switch that enables you to switch seamlessly between cutter and thumb modes.

Save time, money, and labor when you’re tackling a big project with a single piece of equipment that does the work of several. From clearing land to cleaning it up, get the job done with the Tree Slayer from Rut Manufacturing.

Common jobs:

  • Clearing trees
  • Pulling up roots and stumps
  • Moving heavy debris


Brush Eliminator Excavator Attachment

The brush eliminator excavator attachment is ideal for mowing large pieces of farmland and hunting property, the brush eliminator is the ultimate mowing solution. Its carbide cutting provides a superior heavy-duty mower when attached to your excavator, making mowing large areas of land a breeze. It’s powerful and efficient as a mower, but the Brush Eliminator is downright impressive when you need to clear overgrowth and underbrush. With the Brush Eliminator attachment on your excavator, you can easily trim, cut, and clear your way through the thickest, tangled, and most-out-of-control overgrowth with ease.

Common jobs:

  • Maintaining rights-of-way
  • Keeping wooded trails clear
  • Clearing farmland and hunting land


Mini Mulcher Excavator Attachment

This mini disc mulcher excavator attachment is ideal for mowing small stumps and trees, thick brush, and vegetation up to 4 – 6 inches in tough-to-reach places. Its small size and powerful carbide cutting teeth make it a versatile and practical tool, particularly on hills, around water, and in steep ditches.

Common jobs:

  • Clearing land around rivers, lakes, and ponds.
  • Mowing around large driveways and ditches
  • Reaching areas that aren’t accessible with larger mowing equipment



When you’re maintaining farmland, you don’t have time for equipment that weighs you down and creates more problems than it solves. Maximize your impact and minimize your effort with excavator attachments that get the job done from Rut Manufacturing.

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