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What is a Tree Shear?

If you work on commercial, residential, or personal properties, it’s essential to have a piece of equipment that clears land with ease. Certain types of terrain are difficult to manage, and on those job sites, it’s important to have machinery that’s up to the task – and nothing is more equipped to do the job than a tree shear.

A tree shear is a piece of machinery designed to remove densely wooded areas, so you can have an expansive clearing in no time. However, there’s more to this machine than meets the eye. For more information on the tree shear, continue reading.

What is a Tree Shear?

A tree shear is an excavator or skid steer attachment designed to remove eliminate thickly wooded areas and has the ability to slice through dense trees with ease. Tree shears are known for their powerful blades which have revolutionized the tree clearing industry. These powerful rotating blades have a finer, more precise cut, so you can slice through trees up to 14” in diameter, if necessary. Plus, they’re equipped to last, so you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your tree shear. With a tree shear, tree removal becomes easier to manage. 

What makes a tree shear a diverse piece of equipment is its ability to be maneuvered in hard to reach areas and complex terrain. Tree shears are capable of fitting in narrow places, making stubborn tree limbs easier to access. Instead of combatting dense areas and the elements on the job, you can focus on the job at hand without getting caught up in one specific tree for an extended period of time.

Depending on the model, certain tree shear attachments can have grapples attached, which helps with clean up and maintenance. Overall, the tree shear is a must-have for any equipment collection.


Where to use the Tree Shear

A tree shear is a great addition to a personal or professional equipment collection, but before you can get to work, it’s essential to know where to use a tree shear.

Tree shears, while 100% designed for tree removal services, aren’t limited to one specific industry. In fact, a tree shear is ideal for a variety of locations and terrains. A tree shear is perfect for clearing:

  • Residential Properties
    • If you need to remove additional trees on a lot, to begin land development, a tree shear can precisely remove trees, guaranteeing you won’t clear too much land at once.


  • Commercial Grade Land
    • For large amounts of property, a skid steer tree shear can cut and clear land in a flash. It’s the ability to cut through tall trees, and follow up with cutting the base of the tree’s stump, means you won’t have to combat the typical difficulties of tree removal.


  • Personal Property Management
    • If you own a parcel of land or need to manage untruly trees surrounding your home, a tree shear is ideal for clearing those additional trees.


  • Farmland
    • Farmland can be difficult to manage at times, especially if it’s a significant acreage. Luckily, a tree shear is equipped to help you maintain your land, and can clear any overgrown or dense areas.


  • Construction Sites
    • A tree shear makes construction sites so much easier to manage. By accelerating the tree clearing process, you’ll be able to focus on land management and development, saving you time in the long run.

It’s easy to use a tree shear on multiple types of terrain, and you can make the most of your job site in no time.


How is a Tree Shear Different from other attachments?

There are many different types of attachments on the market today. Products vary from brush cutters, brush mowers, forestry mulchers, and tree mulchers. While all of these products are designed to optimize your workload, they are all slightly different from one another.

A tree shear is designed specifically for tree removal, while other items like brush cutter and mowers are great for general land management. Brush cutters, mowers, and forestry mulchers are designed to manage vegetation and dense brush, so you can clear land prior with ease. Their dynamic blades process dense growth in a matter of seconds, which is ideal for clearing right of ways, pathways, and other expanses of land. A tree shear can then remove the remaining trees, limbs, and other dense forestry throughout the property.

A tree shear, like other attachments, is optimized for land clearing. Its design is specifically for tree removal, while brush cutters and forestry mulchers cut and process vegetation. Combined, these skid steer attachments can make the most of your job site in no time.


How to Maintain a Tree Shear

A tree shear, like other excavator or skid steer attachments, needs annual maintenance. However, there are different types of maintenance, that can be performed on a less frequent basis.

A tree shear requires a daily inspection, to make sure it’s blades are sharp and free from any debris. This way, it can maintain a high-performance rate, and not face any setbacks on the job.

On a monthly or bi-monthly basis, do a full inspection of the tree shear. Examine the attachment for loose or old parts that need to be replaced. If you need to change anything, refer to your skid steer owner’s manual for additional information and specific instructions.

In general, it’s important to oil, grease, and perform routine maintenance on your tree shear. If you need more information, we have rounded up our best tips on annual skid steer maintenance.

If you’re ready to see a difference in your daily workload, it’s time to explore all the incredible skid steer attachments Rut Manufacturing has to offer. To stay up to date on all the must-have information on skid steers, read our guide on Understanding Skid Steer Brush Cutters, their maintenance, and so much more.

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