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Excavator Tree Shear

Product Spotlight: The Excavator Tree Shear from Rut Manufacturing

Sure, manual tree saws and skid steer tree shears have their uses, but both also have their limits. Whereas it can be difficult to reach higher limbs and nearly impossible to navigate tight or awkward spaces with a skid steer attachment or manual trimmer, you can reach higher, farther, and more precise places with an excavator tree shear attachment from Rut Manufacturing.



The Excavator Tree Shear

Rut’s excavator tree shear sports a powerful 5″ bore cylinder and are available in the following sizes for each weight class:

  • 6,000-10,000 lb. range: 8 inches
  • 10,000-14,000 lb. range: 12 inches
  • 14,000-18,000 lb. range: 16 inches


Even the toughest, tallest, and trickiest trees and limbs are no match for this excavator tree shear. The rigid make of these shears empowers you to reach over fencing, into ditches, down banks, and across hillsides to safely and effectively manage growth. Maintain personal property with this reliable attachment or add it to your arsenal of tools and help your landscaping or construction business do more and do it better than the competition.


The tree shear attachment is ideal for:

  • Maintaining farmland and rights-of-way
  • Managing CRP land
  • Clearing and landscaping on smaller job sites, such as urban areas where compact, versatile equipment is necessary

This compact, rugged attachment offers countless uses and is sure to impress whether for personal use or business use. Save time, money, and energy by investing in equipment that guarantees reliability, versatility, and power to do more in less time.



From specialized tools to equipment that can pretty much do it all, you’ll get more out of your excavator by pairing it with the right attachments. For the most versatile tools in the industry, check out these excavator attachments from Rut Manufacturing.

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