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Excavator Log Splitter

Product Spotlight: Excavator Log Splitter

The excavator log splitter from Rut Manufacturing.

It’s true, we pride ourselves on making versatile excavator attachments that allow you to tackle diverse jobs and rugged terrain without hauling excess equipment or wasting time switching between various tools. However, sometimes you don’t need versatility; you need specialized, effortless precision. Which is where attachments like the excavator log splitter, excavator tree shear, and excavator auger come in handy. Rut Manufacturing’s excavator log splitter is a powerful, efficient tool for processing firewood.


Why an excavator attachment?

Rather than having a separate machine taking up valuable storage space, get more out of your excavator with an attachment that can easily be stored out of the way when not in use. Bonus: when you do need a log splitter on a job site, an excavator attachment is easier to transport, use, and store away than a stand-alone piece of machinery and more efficient and less cumbersome than any manual piece of equipment. Your excavator wasn’t cheap, so shouldn’t you get as much use out of it as possible?


Excavator log splitter attachments offer:

  • Higher, longer reach so you don’t have to constantly reposition logs
  • More efficient operation than a manual splitter
  • Powerful hydraulics for efficiency and precision


Rut’s Excavator Log Splitter Specs:

This is a 30-ton log splitter attachment that will allow you to process piles of firewood with increased efficiency, safety, and accuracy. Easier handling means you don’t have to fuss with awkward manual equipment. Attaching the splitter to your excavator allows you to enjoy more reach and power without stopping to reposition logs.

This log splitter with its ¾”-5” frame wedge bore is available for excavators from 6,000-18,000 lbs.



Processing firewood is a chore, but you can get it done faster, safer, and better with an excavator log splitting attachment from Rut Manufacturing. Simply choose the size of your excavator and get yours today.

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