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Excavator Tree Shear

Product Spotlight: The Excavator Tree Shear from Rut Manufacturing

Sure, manual tree saws and skid steer tree shears have their uses, but both also have their limits. Whereas it can be difficult to reach higher limbs and nearly impossible to navigate tight or awkward spaces with a skid steer attachment or manual trimmer, you can reach higher, farther, and more precise places with an [...]
Skid Steer Attachments

Product Spotlight: New Skid Steer Attachments!

Now you can do more and do it faster, better, and smarter with your skid steer by pairing it with your favorite skid steer attachments from Rut Manufacturing. Our inventory now includes a variety of specialized buckets and grapples, a snow plow and snow pusher, a pallet fork and hay spear, and even an auger [...]
Excavator Log Splitter

Product Spotlight: Excavator Log Splitter

The excavator log splitter from Rut Manufacturing. It’s true, we pride ourselves on making versatile excavator attachments that allow you to tackle diverse jobs and rugged terrain without hauling excess equipment or wasting time switching between various tools. However, sometimes you don’t need versatility; you need specialized, effortless precision. Which is where attachments like the [...]
Excavator Auger

Product Spotlight: The Excavator Auger by Rut Manufacturing

Get more reach out of your mini excavator with an excavator auger. With the excavator auger attachment from Rut Manufacturing, you’ll be able to save time, money, and energy by: Reducing manpower and labor needs Eliminating the need to haul additional heavy equipment Finishing tough jobs in hard to reach places with ease Ever needed [...]
Excavator attachments

Best 3 Excavator Attachments to Help You Reclaim Your Land

Do more than dig holes with your excavator. You don’t need a bunch of heavy construction equipment or cumbersome machinery wasting your time, energy, and space to clear and manage your land. Here are three excavator attachments to cover all of your landscaping and construction needs all with one piece of machinery: your excavator.   [...]
Excavator Pallet Fork

Safety Tips: Excavator Pallet Forks

Recently purchased an Excavator Pallet Fork attachment from Rut? We’ve compiled a few safety tips to make sure you are running at optimal efficiency and safety.     Regular Maintenance. Whether you’re lifting stacks of wood or pallets full of food, your pallet fork excavator attachment will begin to show wear over time.  The forks [...]
Brush Eliminator

Product Spotlight: Brush Eliminator

Imagine, for just a moment, a field of over-brush that’s plaguing your farm, or public park. It’s been there, growing out of control for months, perhaps even years. Can you see it? Now imagine it all being gone, destroyed and swept satisfyingly away, destroyed beneath a powerful, brush destroying machine built just for that purpose. Next, [...]
compact excavator

Should You Buy a Compact Excavator? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

A Compact excavator is a great option if you’re considering a tractor or skid steer. While all pieces of equipment have their pros and cons, when paired with the right attachment systems, excavators are able to get into tighter spaces and accomplish a wide array of jobs without the need to switch between multiple pieces [...]
excavator attachments

Do More with Less: 6 Ways to Use a Mini Excavator (Other Than Digging)

Do More with a Mini Excavator Whether you’re maintaining farmland, running a landscaping business, or working on a construction site, wouldn’t you rather do it without switching back and forth between multiple tools and pieces of equipment? Ditch the heavy, single-purpose construction equipment and save yourself time, energy, and money by getting more out of [...]
tips for mowing hilly land

Tips for Mowing and Maintaining Hilly Land

From small lots to large lots, any amount of land will need to be maintained. That beautiful hill that provides a wonderful view overlooking your small pond is nice in early spring, but once the grass starts growing in earnest it’s time to start thinking about how to keep it mowed. Here are a few [...]
3 Best Excavator Attachments for Maintaining Farmland

3 Best Excavator Attachments for Maintaining Farmland

3 Best Excavator Attachments Keeping your farmland in check is no small task, which means you don’t have time to waste switching between machinery that can only do one job at a time. Instead, invest in equipment that can effectively clear a ton of land with ease, no matter how overgrown, hilly, or difficult the [...]
tips for maintaining your land

DIY Tips for Maintaining & Landscaping Your Land

Landscaping and managing your personal property takes planning, innovative solutions, and good ol’ fashioned hard work. Get prepared, get creative, and get to it with these tips for maintaining your land.     Decide how you’ll use the land. Before you can effectively landscape a plot of land, you need to figure out how the [...]
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