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Excavator Log Splitter

Product Spotlight: Excavator Log Splitter

The excavator log splitter from Rut Manufacturing. It’s true, we pride ourselves on making versatile excavator attachments that allow you to tackle diverse jobs and rugged terrain without hauling excess equipment or wasting time switching between various tools. However, sometimes you don’t need versatility; you need specialized, effortless precision. Which is where attachments like the [...]
Excavator Auger

Product Spotlight: The Excavator Auger by Rut Manufacturing

Get more reach out of your mini excavator with an excavator auger. With the excavator auger attachment from Rut Manufacturing, you’ll be able to save time, money, and energy by: Reducing manpower and labor needs Eliminating the need to haul additional heavy equipment Finishing tough jobs in hard to reach places with ease Ever needed [...]
Excavator attachments

Best 3 Excavator Attachments to Help You Reclaim Your Land

Do more than dig holes with your excavator. You don’t need a bunch of heavy construction equipment or cumbersome machinery wasting your time, energy, and space to clear and manage your land. Here are three excavator attachments to cover all of your landscaping and construction needs all with one piece of machinery: your excavator.   [...]
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